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Annapurna is the goddess of food and nutrition. She is an incarnation of Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. By keeping and worshiping Shri Annapurna Yantra, there is never a shortage of food grains. Anna means food or grains. Purna means complete, complete, and perfect. Man seeks sustenance in the form of food or money, or in the form of spiritual sustenance, such as establishing a relationship with the divine. This nurturing goddess is Maa Annapurna. That’s why Annapurna is known as the goddess of nutrition. When the Yantra is worshipped, Goddess Annapurna blesses her children with her providential alimental.

Benefits of Shri Annapurna Puja Yantra

  • This yantra is installed for success and profit in the hotel and catering business.

  • Provides exceptional culinary skills.

  • Attracts luck and prosperity.

  • The yantra is suitable for persons working in the food and allied professions.

  • It is especially good for cooks and cooks as well as all individuals in the hospitality industry.

  • Success and profit in traders and retailers of raw and cooked foods.

  • It also provides the individual with exceptional culinary skills.

  • It brings good luck, wealth gain, and prosperity to the worshipper.

  • This Yantra is suitable for persons working in food businesses.

  • By keeping and worshiping Shri Annapurna Puja Yantra there will never be a shortage of food grains.

  • It is especially good for cooks as well as all persons in the hospitality industry.

  • It also brings achievement to a native with exceptional cooking skills.

  • This Yantra can also be situated near the dining area.

  • Goddess Annapurna is a mother of food and cooking – because she “alimentates” the whole family and takes care of them, just like a mother takes care of her children.

  • Annapurna Yantra is kept in restaurants as well as eateries.

  • It is believed that a native who worships Goddess Annapurna is blessed with prosperity and soundness of the body.

  • This Yantra can also be placed in the temple or worship area of the house.

Why should I buy Shri Annapurna Puja Yantra from you?

Annapurna is the goddess of food and nutrition. She protects her devotee from all calamities. When we please him, then the poverty that has been going on from birth after birth also goes away. Along with conferring worldly pleasures to her devotees, she also bestows salvation. The mother seated on the yantra keeps showering blessings on her devotees. This is the reason why this place of mother is self-manifested. There are temples of Goddess Annapurna in many locations in the country, but Mother Annapurna sitting in Kashi has several significance.

Our expert advice helps you choose the suitable Yantra without any adverse effects. With our convincement of providing you with a genuine and authentic product, you get a Yantra with geometric patterns clearly embossed as per the ancient symbols associated with several planets. This helps you get the most out of the yantra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Annapurna Yantra?

Annapurna Yantra gives progress to traders and retailers of food items. It also brings progress to a native with exceptional cooking skills. This yantra brings good luck, wealth, and prosperity to the worshipper. By keeping Shri Annapurna Puja Yantra in the kitchen, you will get food cooked in the spirit of purity.

What are the benefits of Annapurna Murti?

You will never feel any dearth of food or other essentials in your home. With her blessings, you will be bestowed with the soundness of the body, finance, and prosperity. Annapurna Yantra not only fulfills the material needs of the devotees but also their spiritual requirements.

What is the importance of Annapurna Mata?

Deity Annapurna is the Goddess of the city of Kashi which is located in Varanasi, where she is regarded as the queen of Varanasi alongside her consort Vishweshwar Form of Lord Shiva, the King of Varanasi. For the temple, at noon every day, prasad foods offered to the goddess are distributed to the old and disabled people.

What to offer to goddess Annapurna?

The Annapurna Vrat Katha contains the tale of her devotees and is also recited by her adorer. In the Marathi wedding ceremony, the bride is given the metal idols of goddess Annapurna and Bala Krishna by her mother. She worships the idol before marriage, offering rice and grains to the idols.

Can we keep Annapurna Idol at home?

Goddess Annapurna can be kept in two locations, one being in the worshipping place/mandir of one’s house or in the kitchen. In the case of the Kitchen, you can keep it in the North East corner of the Kitchen such that it is facing the West direction and the person offering prayers is facing the East direction.

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