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The importance of Tulsi in the scriptures is as important as the garland made of Tulsi wood. The wearer of Tulsi Mala never lacks anything. The way negativity energy is destroyed is by having a Tulsi plant in the house. Tulsi garland protects the seeker in trouble. Satvik feelings awaken in the person who wears the Tulsi garland. This not only gives spiritual but also physical and economic benefits. It helps in keeping diseases away. Confidence does not waver. The rosary of Tulsi gives fruit to the seeker only when the person who wears it takes care of the rules. Take special care of purity after wearing it. It is said that Rudraksha garland should not be worn along with Tulsi garland. It is believed that this reduces the effect of both.

Benefits of wearing Tulsi Mala

  • It is believed that by wearing a garland made of Tulsi wood one can get rid of all troubles.

  • Apart from being religious, Tulsi Mala is also very beneficial for soundness.

  • It is said that wearing Tulsi Mala strengthens the planets, Mercury and Venus, as well as keeps the mind calm. So let’s know what things should be kept in mind while wearing Tulsi Mala according to Vastu.

  • Tulsi Garland has electrical power. Wearing Tulsi garland is also beneficial in fever, cold, headache, and skin diseases. There is no infectious disease or premature death, such as religious belief.

  • Wearing Tulsi Mala gives benefits to a native’s power of digestive system, high fever, brain diseases, and many diseases related to air.

  • Wearing Tulsi Mala increases fame, fame, and fortune. Eating basil leaves does not cause any kind of disease or grief.

  • Wearing the garland of Rama Tulsi increases self-confidence and awakens virtuous feelings within the person. You get help with performing your duties.

  • Wearing Shyama Tulsi garland especially gives mental peace, devotion and devotion towards God increases, positive feeling develops in the mind, along with spiritual progress, there is family and material progress.

  • It fills one with positivity & divinity.

  • Its quick effect is calming the headpiece and senses.

  • It relieves tension & anxiety, thus, making you calm and balanced.

  • Lord Krishna/Narayana showers special blessings & boons on the wearer of this Tulsi Mala.

  • It charms destiny and attracts prosperity, longevity, health, and success.

  • The person who wears Tulsi Mala never experiences poverty or famine.

  • Wealth, luxury, achievement & honor naturally/automatically come to the wearer of Tulsi Mala.

  • It enhances lady destiny and helps ladies achieve all required to live an ideal life, such as beauty, happy wedding life, progeny, luxuries, and comforts.

  • It makes you honorable in the circle & society.

  • It instills purity in thoughts and opinions.

  • It purifies the body, mind & soul.

  • It makes Mantra chanting successful; it also ensures progress in all spiritual practices & worship.

  • It helps in accumulating virtues and dispelling bad/past deeds.

  • The virtues accumulated by wearing Tulsi Garland or Mala are more than thousands of worshipping, Chantings, Havan, and donations.

  • It heals many diseases, especially those related to the throat and brain; it also regulates blood circulation.

Why should I buy Tulsi Mala from you?

We distribute original Tulsi Mala Products worldwide. Our team provides quality and energetic products that can bring positive energy, peace, and happiness into your life. We give proper guidance about each product before it is delivered. So one can get all the benefits of the divine product and anyway, there is no room left to disrespect it. Our expert team gives all types of guidance regarding Tulsi Mala. If you want more information about Tulsi Mala then you can take online astrology consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to recognize real Tulsi Mala?

To identify the original Tulsi Mala, keep it in water for around 30 minutes. If that rosary does not leave its color, then that rosary is genuine.

How many seeds should be there in Tulsi garland?

In the Hindu religion, the garland we use for chanting mantras has 108 beads in that garland. The number 108 has great significance in the scriptures. There is a deep connection between 108 grains and the arts of the sun and the breath of man.

Which Tulsi Plant is best for home?

Tulsi plant with green leaves, also known as Shri-Tulsi, is considered best as per Vastu. This type of Tulsi brings luck to life.

What is the benefit of wearing a Tulsi garland?

It is believed that by wearing a garland made of Tulsi wood one can get rid of all troubles. Apart from being religious, Tulsi Mala is also very beneficial for soundness. It is said that wearing Tulsi Mala or garland strengthens the planets, Mercury and Venus, as well as keeps the headpiece calm.

What happens by wearing Tulsi Mala around the neck?

It is believed that wearing the Tulsi garland around the neck maintains peace and spiritual purity in the mind. Apart from this, Tulsi garland also has special importance in astrology. Wearing Tulsi garland strengthens both the planets Mercury and Jupiter present in a person’s horoscope.

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