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This is a genuine Sphatik crystal mala with natural beads. Sphatik Mala helps in enlargement and awareness as it opens the chakras for meditation and metaphysical growth. It is especially helpful for those whose Moon is in the wrong position or is weak in the horoscope. Wearing a Sphatik Mala strengthens intention in life, reduces tension, and depression, supports healing capabilities, and helps equilibrium life. Sphatik Mala helps to concentrate the mind which makes it easier to meditate. It draws out negative energy and transmits clear positive energy that heals and energizes. It also helps in getting relief from headaches, and obsessive thoughts and reduces stress and tension. The stone normally works on the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects. Sphatik facilitates the overall flow of energy in the body and a person wearing a Sphatik mala is generally calm and peaceful. A Sphatik Mala is said to be remunerative for students as they retain what they cognize.

Benefits Of Sphatik Mala

  • Sphatik Mala is useful for people to rectify a weak Moon or to please the planet, Venus.

  • Sphatik Mala helps in reducing the heat or anger of a person by giving him a cool and calm mind.

  • It enhances the results achieved by any japa (mantra recitation).

  • This makes chanting and meditation successful.

  • It is specially used for chanting mantras of Lord Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi, and Venus.

  • Lakshmi is attracted by chanting this garland.

  • Keeping it with you brings a deep sense of peace and calm.

  • It establishes a relationship with the omnipresent.

  • It is a powerful talisman to protect against the evil eye, negative energy, spirits, and distractions.

  • It aligns the body, mind, and soul, thus, making you a successful spiritual practitioner.

  • It kills demons like anger, jealousy, anxiety, and depression.

  • It helps to get rid of the karma of previous birth and encourages you to do good deeds.

  • It removes poverty, negative thinking, and dullness.

  • It makes you lucky in every aspect of life.

  • It never lets you face the paucity of funds, resources, and support.

  • It helps you to manifest your desires and dreams.

  • It keeps health problems at bay and promotes good health.

Why should I buy Sphatik Mala from you?

Enchanted Original Crystal Mala (Original Crystal Mala) brings financial, mental, and social benefits. If the Moon is in the wrong position in your Kundli, then you should wear a blessed crystal rosary. The acute Sphatik garland is fully transparent, and it accordingly fetchs greater clarity of thought and enlarges remembrance.

Wearing a mala during meditation or chanting a mantra with the rosary greatly increases the power of the mantra as Sphatik acts as a radiator of positive energy. Wearing a Sphatik Mala gives a person a deeper understanding of spirituality about life in general.

Rhinestone comes in many grades and the best ones are those that are clear. Handpicked natural and clear crystal beads are used to craft this premium mala. This item is made of 100% Natural & Untreated gemstones and the certificate is shown here. If you need the certificate for your individual product, you need to email us or for any guidelines you take our astrology phone consultation service.

Shipping Details

We deliver Sphatik Mala all over the world. The average delivery time of Sphatik Mala to India is 5 or 7 days.

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For any query regarding Sphatik Mala call us at 08141566266 (For Shipping in India) or +91 8141566266 (For out of India).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sphatik Mala do?

The Sphatik Mala is said to have metaphysical forces; it renders serenity and calms the stressed brain. This has the caliber to reduce body heat. Hence it is worn by people around the throat to keep their body temperatures regulated and minds chill. Sphatika removes spare heat from the body and can also detract from fever.

Who can wear Sphatik Mala?

Sphatika Mala is advised for women, girls, yoginis, women, and ladies because it represents Mother Goddess. The divinity potency in Sphatik Mala beads has uplifting,  healing, and purifying properties.

Which Rashi can wear Sphatik Mala?

Sphatik Mala is widely recommended for every zodiac sign

How can I check my original Sphatik Mala?

Real or original Sphatik Garland will eternally have inclusion/unholiness, it will be observable as a correct crack/line inboard beads, reflecting on putting illumination. Higher-quality Sphatik will have lesser inclusions. Artificial or fake Sphatik rosary beads are normally made of glass, of plastic, or synthetic plastic fiber.

What are the side effects of Sphatik Mala?

The Sphatik Mala can be worn by anyone, irrespective of the Janam Kundali of the individual, and has no negatory side impacts.

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