Saturn In Astrology

Saturn in astrology


Saturn planet in Astrology is also known as Shani. In the Hindi calendar, Saturn represents Saturday which is called Shanivar. Saturn is believed to be one of the most important planets in Astrology. Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac that Saturn rules. According to Astrology, Saturn is the ‘lord of karma’.

Saturn Meaning

Many connections and interpretations are made with the planet Saturn. Saturn is seen as a malefic planet because it frequently represents difficulties, limits, and limitations, but it is also seen as a planet of responsibility, discipline, and wisdom.

  • Discipline and structure
  • Limitations and challenges
  • Authority and leadership
  • Karma and consequences
  • Structure and stability
  • Wisdom and maturity

Saturn Effects

The placement of the Saturn impacts certain aspects of an individual, including:

  • Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet. It represents the obstacles, challenges, and limitations that a person may have to face in life.

  • Saturn is believed to have an impact on the learning and growth of human beings.

  • According to science, Saturn is a slow-moving planet, and relatively in Astrology, its effects are believed to be long-lasting.

  • Saturn’s placement may help reveal the areas in which the concerned person will face challenges and might need to work hard for a good life.

  • According to Astrology, Saturn is the planet of justice and is believed to reward individuals for their good deeds and punish them for bad ones.

Saturn Negative Effects

  • Astrology believes that a negatively placed Saturn may mean the individual is not hardworking, responsible, disciplined, etc. A lack of these features will mean that not only will the person struggle with their own life, but others also will not perceive him as trustworthy and dependable.

  • Since Saturn is considered to be the planet of justice, indulging in evil deeds may mean that your Saturn will turn negative and make sure to punish you.

  • Someone struggling with a negative Saturn may have issues in some of the most critical organs, i.e., teeth, bones, skin, and lower abdomen.

  • A negatively placed Saturn may bring a lot of obstacles, challenges, limitations, and misfortune in a person’s life. These negative effects are long-lasting and may make a person go through many struggles.

  • As per astrologers, a negative Saturn may bring misfortune and make an individual struggle for success.

From the effects of Saturn discussed above, it must be very clear that Saturn is a very important planet, and its astrological placement should not be ignored. For someone under the negative influence of the Saturn planet in Astrology, it is normal not to know the way out. In such a situation, going for an Astrology phone consultation is advisable.

Firstly, the consultant will help you determine if the problems you are going through are because of the negative influence of Saturn or for some other reason. They will help you connect with an experienced astrologer through a simple phone call and share your problems with them.

Saturn Positive Effects

  • According to Astrology, Saturn represents hard work, discipline, commitment, responsibility, etc. People blessed with the placement of a Good Saturn will be hardworking, responsible, punctual, disciplined, and serious about their obligations. Such people are mostly seen as worth relying upon and trusting.

  • As mentioned earlier as well, Saturn is considered to be the planet of justice. Someone who does good deeds is expected to be blessed by a good Saturn and will receive positive rewards in their life.

  • Saturn is also believed to represent our physical bodies. Someone struggling with a not-so-well-placed Saturn may have issues in their bones, teeth, skin, and lower abdomen parts.

  • Astrology also considers Saturn to be a great teacher. It is responsible for karma and can assist an individual in learning the most important lessons of their life. This feature of a good Saturn leads to growth, good fortune, and prosperity in an individual’s life.

  • Astrologers believe that placing a good Saturn will bring about good fortune and success in an individual’s life.

Besides the positive effects we have mentioned above, Saturn also has its share of negative effects, and we will discuss them as well.

Wrapping Up

If your Saturn turns out to be poorly placed, it is possible to correct it. There are many ways to correct the position of your Saturn, but you should only go for the ones suggested by an expert. An Astrology phone consultant will help you out with the same. they will guide you with the remedies you must avail to correct the position of your Saturn. All you need to do is carefully listen to the astrologer and follow the ways suggested by them. By following the Astrology phone consultant, you should be able to correct your Saturn’s position and eliminate its negative impacts.

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