Capricorn Ascendant

Lord Shani is the lord or ruler of Capricorn Ascendant. Due to the influence of Saturn, the natives of this ascendant are well-versed in managerial and functional aspects of very practical life. Venus is the benefic planet of this Lagna Kundli. The Dasha of Jupiter is a bit bad in the horoscope of the native of this ascendant. Mercury, though lord of the 6th house, rules the 9th house as well. Because of this a planet that gives a little mixed fruit becomes in their horoscope. The presence of Mars is not bad for the Capricorn ascendant, because this ascendant is exalted. Because of this its side effects end. In fact, only Ketu can really create trouble for the native in the entire horoscope.

Capricorn Rising Physical Appearance

Talking about the physical appearance of these people, they are the owners of very long noses, thick necks, dark black hair, and a light beard. Although they are not very beautiful or attractive in appearance, as their age increases, they attain their true beauty. But one of the biggest drawbacks of their body is that as their age increases, their waist also starts bending. Mole or injury marks can be seen on their knees. There is a defect in their gait, and later there may be complaints of arthritis.

People born in this ascendant are economical, judicious, self-reliant, reserved, sensitive, reasonable, considerate, and practical in nature. These people are full of intelligence, a little taciturn with extremely qualitative and professional thinking by nature. The desire for wealth, power, and authority is very strong in them, and they have an amazing ability to manage and organize. His personality is very methodical and hardworking.

Qualities of Capricorn Ascendant

The native believes in following the path of his sign, and whenever he takes a decision, he believes in starting work on it immediately. When they get favorable conditions, they do not hesitate to change their field of work. He has a special ability to combine anything. With good tolerance, patience, and steady temperament, serious, considerable, thoughtful, and contemplative nature, behaves with dignity and self-respect. These people are very cautious, hardworking, all capable, make repeated efforts, make realistic and achievable plans, and are adept at completing them.

They are not dependent on anyone in their nature, unable to express their feelings, and have the qualities of breaking easily. It is not easy to deceive them. Decent and humble nature is their true ornament. Although these people can easily make friends with anyone, but make permanent relationships only after thoroughly examining the person. These people are self-reliant, thrifty, religious, and interested in theology. They are either very loyal or completely disloyal. If Saturn is malefic and in a harmful yoga for them in their horoscope. So they behave dishonestly, are selfish, greedy, and unhappy, and never hesitate to commit any crime. They never give up in life, it is in their nature to slowly move towards their goal and taste success.

Makar Lagna Health 

This person is very energetic in his youth and likes to consume energy boosters and food, and medicines. They should always lead a moderate life to take care of their health and save themselves from getting sick. For this one should exercise continuously and as far as possible one should protect oneself from injuries caused by falling from a height. Due to their constant sad and dissatisfied, being more worried, gradually their digestive system will become weak and there may be problems related to the stomach. He may have to face problems like a knee injury, skin diseases, eczema, hysteria, arthritis, etc. in his life.

When Saturn is in the Uttarashada Nakshatra in his horoscope, then it indicates an increase in his heartbeat. While Mars shows the disease of cardiac thrombosis. Rahu and Ketu cause problems in blood pressure. When the planets of his horoscope are in Dhanishtha Yoga, then he has to face problems like high fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, fracture, etc.

Makar Lagna Money

People always desire to get money and wealth in their life. They are definitely those who believe in a little conservative ideology. But to achieve success and fame in life, we believe in moving ahead regardless of any obstacles or hindrances. They always know the value of money and will invest very carefully and save slowly and steadily, so as to save something for the future. Throughout life, these people thrift, save and do not take any financial risk without checking, which is also the basic mantra of their success. These people know very well how to build the foundation of their future on the basis of their present savings and planned work style.

Makar Lagna Marriage

Capricorn ascendant people are not emotional, they are very cautious in urging their opposite sex. Due to the shy nature of the male born in the Lagna, the opposite sex partner is always worried whether they are responsible for him or not. They take a long time to choose their life partner, due to which they get married at an older age. His shy nature does not allow him to have a love relationship. They may be affectionate towards their partner, but may not be demonstrative in love, and are not fit for romance, dancing, etc. Because of these habits of theirs, they are not able to connect themselves much with their partner. The man may not be a romantic and loving husband. But he is fully accomplished in giving all the comforts and facilities to his family and wife. They think a lot about choosing their partner. But when he joins with someone, he plays with him sincerely and with all his heart. Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces people are most suitable for the people born in this Lagna.

Makar Lagna Career

When the position of the Moon is good in their horoscope. Then these people can join the business or job fields of kerosene, land and animal business, a contractor in the irrigation department, and a successful agriculturists. If Mars is favorable, the native can become a construction engineer, cement manufacturer, lawyer, brick kiln owner, etc. Wherein Mercury indicates the employment of engineers, deep thinkers, dealers of scientific instruments, and crystal cutters. If Jupiter is good, the person of this ascendant can get benefits through doctors or scientists, big companies, clubs, and societies. The planet Venus indicates them to be associated with chemicals, leather, and hides religious activities.

Wrapping Up

They may get married late, but the happiness of married life is definitely there in their horoscope. Natives are dutiful towards their children and family but do not show their love. They like a calm and clean environment in the house. They do not like filth or noise at all. Respects the members of his family, and tries to fulfill their every need. Talk to astrologers for complete information about Capricorn Ascendant.

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