Cancer Ascendant

The people of Cancer Ascendant have the quality of coolness like Moon because Moon is their ruling planet. Mars also gives growth to the native of this ascendant. If he is afflicted with the Mahadasha of Mars, then due to this, an opposite Raja Yoga would be formed in his Kundli. The presence of Venus in their horoscope acts as an obstacle for them, and due to this they often have to suffer losses. Jupiter is sitting in the sixth position of his horoscope, due to which he does not get its full benefits. Whereas Jupiter is their ruling planet. Rahu is sitting in the eighth house in the horoscope of this ascendant, which can create more problems for them. The planet Saturn also creates similar problems for Cancer ascendants unless it is present at the place called Lagna of the horoscope. When Saturn is not in its right place, the people of Cancer Ascendant have to face difficulties in getting married.

Cancer Rising Physical Appearance

Their persons are usually of average height, less courageous, clumsy, and misguided. They have a round face, full cheeks, double chin, small nose, gray or light blue eyes, pale complexion, broad chest, and short limbs. They are fond of change, innovation, and travel. Preoccupied with relatives and family, most sympathetic in public life, changeable, and a little impatient. A little emotional, sympathetic, and sensitive. They get angry quickly and also go away quickly. They have a mixture of skilled diplomats and judicious and traditional qualities.

The changeability of positions and professions in their life gives them the nature of wide imagination, sentimentality, sympathy, and talkativeness. These people do not want to take any physical danger but are brave and face trouble from the inside. Their nature or mood keeps changing according to time. The memory power of these people is very good and sharp. They are hardworking and good at their work. They are a bit traditionalist in nature.

Qualities of Cancer Ascendant

These people are very romantic and emotional in behavior and nature. Their body may be weak and medium, but there is no lack of enthusiasm in them. They are a bit unstable by nature but behave very enthusiastically in love relationships. There is no example of him even in hosting. They have a lot of responsibility and loyalty. Their personality is extremely shy, influential, and full of magnetic qualities. If he can control his impatience, then anyone can be influenced by him.

Kark Lagna Health 

The health of the native is a little weak in youth, but it improves with increasing age. Due to their Ascendant Dasha, they may have chest, stomach, nervous system, throat, and digestive problems. They are advised to take utmost care and keep their diet in order. Any type of intoxication can spoil their health. If their lifestyle is organized, then these people can always avoid diseases caused by asthma, gastric problem, weak digestive system, and nervous system. People born in Cancer Ascendant can often be seen suffering from diseases like lungs, throat, digestive, flatulence, nervousness, fear, hysteria, bile, stones, boils on the chest, and worms in the stomach.

Kark Lagna Money

They are very careful in matters of their wealth. These people because they themselves are very honest, and for this reason, they cannot tolerate the dishonesty of others. As Jupiter gets higher in the horoscope of this Ascendant, these people accumulate wealth through their hard work. These people are lucky in financial matters. If Venus is in the twelfth house in the horoscope of this ascendant, then they have to work hard to earn money. Similarly, if the position of Jupiter is in any house with Ketu, then they get opportunities to earn money easily.

Kark Lagna Marriage

Without romance, their life is completely boring. Although these people are very loyal and affectionate, tolerant in love relationships, they do not know how to express their feelings well. They are very honest and truthful in their every relationship. The more determined these resolutions and determination are, the more fickle-minded and unstable they become at times. People born in this Lagna love their home, and family very much, and want to lead a family life. A very homely creature who prefers a very traditional life in the home and family, but is equally romantic and sensual in love. They make good parents to the children. For them, they will sacrifice their own needs and provide education and all comforts to their children. Their children also show respect, obedience, and love toward them. Their children also contribute to their success in life.

Their children are more freedom-loving and free-thinking than them, and cannot tolerate any restriction on themselves. Their children are full of valor, calm and cool-minded, collected and sharp. As a husband, the person of this ascendant is completely devoted to his wife. They want a homely, happy, and attractive girl as a wife. Even as a wife, these people are completely honest with their life partners. Due to their dedication and loyalty, their marital relationship remains very good. These people should marry Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

Kark Lagna Career

A professional career is associated with things obtained from water, conch shells, pearls, fish, etc. They can be a good sailor. Navy, submariner, shipping department, import or export, transport, and travel business or job. Also a good caterer, restaurant manager, spokesperson, publicist, contractor, or any good job in the irrigation department He is also seen in his horoscope. He is also interested in studying Vedic and religious texts. He should be patient in life and avoid over-sensitivity. Indolence and changeableness expose his weak point, and he needs to correct them. They should avoid inferiority complexes and should not be anxious, lazy, and inactive. Excessive discretion should also be avoided. They should know how to control their emotions and develop their spiritual side. They should overcome their timid nature and should not be too sensitive and extremely selfish. Where patience and endurance are required, efforts should be made to use them.

Wrapping Up

Completely devoted to his family. They love their home and family very much, and they find great happiness in the pleasant atmosphere of the house. They are fond of collecting archaeological remains for home decoration. Even in the midst of his constant travels, his mind remains stuck in his home. The pleasant atmosphere of the house gives them even more pleasant feelings. When they enjoy and host their friends and relatives at home. Talk to astrologers for complete information about Cancer Ascendant.

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