Aries Stone

In the Kundli of every person, the condition of the plans keeps getting made and getting worse. Planets in the spiral of many people also create a lot of trouble. According to astrology, some gems are such that wearing them can reduce the inauspiciousness of the plans. To wear any gem, it is very important to keep in mind the position of the zodiac sign and plan, so before wearing any gem, it is very important to take advice from a learned gemologist, otherwise, the person will not be able to wear this gem.

What is Aries Stone

According to astrology, the Red coral gem is fruitful for the people of Aries. Mars is considered to be the ruling planet of Aries and Mars is related to Mars. Mars gives a strong position to the stone, due to which a person gets wealth and prosperity. Wearing Red coral gemstones also reflects in the health and relationships of people with Aries.

Mesh Rashi Stone Color

Aries stone Red Coral color is red. It is auspicious for the people of the Aries zodiac to wear a red colored Moonga stone on Tuesday on the index finger or little finger of the right hand. A person with the Aries sign whose Mars is in a bad position in his horoscope should be studded with a gem studded in brazen metal.

Aries Lucky Birthstone – Red Coral

According to astrology, Aries people are auspicious. Mars is the lord of Aries to which the gem will be related. Red Coral strengthens Mars, which increases wealth and prosperity. It also improves health and relationships. The people of Aries should wear a red-colored Red coral stone on Tuesday on the little finger or forefinger of the right hand. They corrode into metal as the actual Mars corrodes.

Unlucky Stone for Aries – Emerald

According to astrology, an emerald is not considered a lucky stone for the people of Aries from birth. All kinds of defects come from wearing an emerald from the horoscope of Aries people. By wearing Panna Ratna, all the things made by the people of Aries get spoiled less. Apart from Emerald, the people of the Aries zodiac can also wear Raktaranjan, Pukhraj, Neelam, and Suryakant gems.

Benefits of Aries Stones

  • Since this stone is associated with Mars, wearing it gives a person the power to overcome all the troubles and obstacles coming his way.
  • If a person lacks patience, gets angry, or remains upset due to the inauspicious position of Mars, then wearing red Moonga will be of great benefit to him.
  • The biggest benefit of wearing red coral is that it helps in removing Manglik Dosh associated with Mars.  The Red coral stone enhances love and mutual understanding in relationships. If you have Manglik Dosh in your horoscope, then you should also wear Moonga stone after getting your horoscope analysis done by an astrologer.
  • Red Coral has a direct impact on business and trade as well. Wearing this stone also protects the wearer from black magic and the evil eye.
  • If a person is in debt or is troubled by financial constraints, then he will also be benefited by wearing the red coral stone of Mars. The energy contained in Moonga can help in getting rid of debt in a short time.
  • According to Indian astrology, red coral represents ‘Mangalya Balam’ Wearing this gives longevity to the husband of the woman.
  • If you want to become a leader or if you lack leadership qualities then you will be benefited by wearing red coral.

Wrapping Up

Moonga is a very powerful, beautiful, and attractive gemstone. Wearing this stone makes a person courageous and mighty and his self-confidence increases. In Vedic astrology, Red coral is worn to ward off the malefic effects of the aggressive planet Mars and to receive its blessings. It is believed that this stone helps in appeasing the planet Mars. Mars is the factor of war and energy. Due to its embrace and closeness to the earth, it is also called the ‘son of the earth’. Red coral is also called red coral. This gemstone is being used in jewelry for many years. Talk to astrologers to know more about the benefits of Aries zodiac stones.

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