Aquarius Color

The light blue color of the people of Aquarius is considered auspicious. People are drawn to energetic, stimulating tones of blue, which may be because the color is often associated with nerve impulses in the body. Purple and bright pink colors are also Lucky for Aquarius. Purple is the color for wisdom, higher values and principles. Purple color also brings a lot of good fortune and wealth in life. Saturn is considered the lord of this zodiac, whose own color is blue. That’s why whenever it comes to auspicious colors for them, they are connected to nature and creation in some form or the other. Learn to understand the depth of relationships with Aquarius, Aquarius always teaches us to cherish relationships by diving into the depths of the truth of every subject. Like the blue water of the vast ocean, different shades of blue can be found everywhere in life like the waves of the sea.

Aquarius Favourite Color  

The planet of this zodiac is Saturn. Green, white, blue, gray, and black colors are auspicious. Aquarians are as big-hearted as the sky, and blue is the color of vastness. Be it blue sky or clear sea water, this color has always been considered very auspicious for the people of Aquarius.

Aquarius Power Color 

The power color for Aquarius is considered to be brown. Brown color represents the powers and influence of Aquarius. By wearing this color, the people of this zodiac can reveal their wonderful emotions, innovations, and the power of uniqueness. The color brown represents the integration of physical and mental existence and helps Aquarius to experience their innermost powers.

Aquarius Lucky Color 

The Lucky colors of Aquarius are both blue and white. Blue is considered to be the dominant color for Aquarius and this color symbolizes peace, gentleness, and prosperity. Along with this, the white color is also considered auspicious for Aquarius and it symbolizes purity, peace, and clarity. Aquarians are aware of these colors and associate a sense of comfort, understanding, and intuition with these colors.

Aquarius Unlucky Color 

Inauspicious colors for Aquarius are considered yellow, orange, and golden. These colors are not considered inauspicious or favorable for the people of Aquarius, rather it is considered a controversial color. Some astrologers consider these colors to be symbolic of feelings, entanglements, and impermanence for Aquarius. However, it is worth noting that astrology and the subject of colors can differ and can also change depending on the individual. It is always advisable to choose your personal colors considering your personal preferences and your temperament. Using these colors can often lead to aggression, instability, and self-destruction. This color can excite their psychological elements and have a negative effect on their state of mind. Hence, Aquarius people are advised to avoid using these colors.

Aquarius Birthstone Color 

Blue Sapphire is the birthstone of Aquarius, hence its color is considered blue. People born in Aquarius from November 16 to October 15 get their Rashi Ratna according to the Samvatsar. The color blue is a symbol of waiting, peace, and gentleness, and when worn by Aquarius, it is believed to inspire a life full of luck and prosperity.

Aquarius Color Avoid

Aquarians are generally advised to avoid green color. The green color is considered an inauspicious color for the people of Aquarius. This is because Aquarians can often be influenced by situations associated with negativity, ill will, and nervous forces with the color green. Hence, they are advised to stay away from the use of green, and the use of other loved colors is recommended.

Wrapping Up

Turquoise color is considered very helpful for spiritual progress for the people of Aquarius. Turquoise color can easily get the work of balancing the world and spirituality done. Turquoise also inspires you to think and make the right decisions. Whenever you are in a state of confusion, definitely include this color in the clothes of your choice. The people of Aquarius should avoid the use of yellow, red, and brown colors while doing some important work in astrology. Online Astrologer Consultation to know which color is auspicious for Aquarius.

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