Narendra Modi Horoscope

April 23, 2023

Narendra Modi is the current and 17th PM of India. He earned the Varanasi constituency in the Lok Sabha. He is the prominent chief leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He is considered a godfather strategist for the BJP party. He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for four successive terms. Narendra Modi ji is such a personality, who is legendary everywhere in their own country or abroad. Modi Ji is working as the 17th Prime Minister of our country. In the general elections of 2014 and again in 2019, Modi Ji won a historic victory with the Bharatiya Janata Party. As if the Modi wave has come all over the country, most Indians have full faith in Modi Ji that he will give them a bright future. He became the first Prime Minister of India to achieve such a victory after independence. Modi ji has come to power for the second consecutive time with an absolute majority. Before and after becoming the Prime Minister, he did many important things for the development of India. Although Modi ji has been found trapped in many controversies as well, his policies have always been praised. Today, through this article, we are trying to tell all of you what important works Modi ji has done in his life and how was his life till now.

Narendra Modi Birth and Education

Date of Birth: Sunday, 17 September 1950

Birth Time: 11 AM

Place of Birth: Vadnagar, Gujarat, India

Nakshatra: Anuradha

Birth Sign: Scorpio

Sun Sign (Western): Virgo

Sun Sign (Indian): Virgo

Narendra Damodardas Modi was born in a Pansari household in the town of Vadnagar in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. He was born on September 17, 1950, to Damodardas Moolchand Modi and Heeraben Modi. The couple had six children of whom Narendra Modi was the third eldest.

Modi completed his studies against all odds. The story of his struggle begins when he was young and used to run his father’s tea stall near a railway station in Ahmedabad along with his brother. He completed his education in Vadnagar and holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Gujarat University. One of his school teachers mentioned him as an average student but a brilliant debater. During his college days, he worked as a ‘Pracharak’ (propagandist) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He left home at the age of 17 and spent the next two years traveling around the country.

During the 1990s  in New Delhi, when Modi served as the official spokesperson of the BJP, he exhaustive a three-month-long course on public relations and image management in the US.

Narendra Modi has a brother, Somabhai, who is a retired health officer, who now runs an old age home in the city of Ahmedabad. Narendra Modiji’s another brother Prahlad Modi is an activist on behalf of a fair-price shop proprietor, his personal fair-price shop in Ahmedabad. His third brother Pankaj is working in the Information Department in Gandhinagar.

Political Career of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi always had immense zeal and enthusiasm to serve and help needy people. As a young boy, Narendra Modi volunteered his services to soldiers at railway stations during the Indo-Pak war in 1965. He also served the affected people during the Gujarat floods of 1967. Narendra Modi began working in the staff canteen of the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. Eventually from there he became a full-time proponent and Pracharak of the RSS, commonly referred to as a ‘Pracharak’. Modi later underwent training at an RSS camp in Nagpur. Undertaking a training course is a prerequisite for any RSS member to hold any official position in the Sangh Parivar. Narendra Modi was put in charge of the students’ union, known as the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). His role in the anti-Emergency movement affected senior political leaders. As a result, he was eventually appointed as the regional organizer of the newly formed Bharatiya Janata Party in Gujarat.

Narendra Modi was a skilled organizer from a very young age. During the Emergency, he arranged the secret distribution of RSS pamphlets and also organized protests against the Emergency rule. During his RSS days, he met two Jana Sangh leaders, Vasant Gajendragadkar and Nathalal Jaghra, who later founded the BJP’s state unit in Gujarat. In 1987, the RSS initiated Narendra Modi into politics by recommending his candidature to the BJP. Modi’s prowess was recognized and he rose to prominence after managing the Ekta Yatra for Murli Manohar Joshi.

Narendra Modi Birth Chart

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s horoscope is Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio sign. Mars the lord of ascendant and zodiac, is not only creating Mahayoga for him but along with Moon-Mars yoga, Shatruhanta yoga is also being constituted. Due to this, Modiji’s opponents and enemies will never be able to braid his hair. Due to Maha Ruchaka Yoga, the decision-making ability of natives becomes stronger, the impacts of which can be seen in the decisions taken by the Prime Minister. With Chandra-Mars Yog, a person looks simple but he is very nimble in his routine work, which we get to see in the daily work of Prime Minister Modi Ji.

In the Janam Patri, both planets Moon and Mars are sitting together in the Ascendant house. Mars is his ascendant ruler and is sitting in his own house, due to which Modi ji is moving ahead by defeating his competitors with self-confidence and courage. Because of this position of Mars, Modi Ji is never able to forgive his opponents. Bhagyesh Chandra is lucky by being situated in the Ascendant house with the ascendant lord. This is an indicator of Raja Yoga. The most special thing about the Kundali is that Karmesh Sun, Ayesh Mercury himself, and Ketu are giving power to the revenue house by being located in the eleventh house.

There is a Raj yoga in which Gajakesari Yoga created by Jupiter placed in the center of the Moon is supported by Venus sitting in the center of the Moon. Jupiter sitting in the fourth house is being aspected by Venus sitting in the tenth house, rather both the planets are making this yoga many times more powerful by respecting each other.

Narendra Modi Astrology

The secret of Shri Narendra Modi’s world fame is hidden in his Yoga, that is, Mars in the Ascendant is aspecting the fourth house. On the other hand, Saturn, the lord of the fourth house, is expecting the fourth house. Remember, Saturn situated in the tenth house makes a person a little harsh in his decision.

Modi Ji’s birth Kundali is equipped with many auspicious yogas. In the horoscope – Gajakesari Yoga, Musal Yoga, Kedar Yoga, Ruchak Yoga, Voshi Yoga, Bheri Yoga, Chandra Mangal Yoga, Neech Bhang Yoga, Amar Yoga, Kalah Yoga, Shankha Yoga and Senior Yoga. Due to the influence of these favorable planets, Narendra Modi got the chance to reach the most senior designation in the country. The fifth house after the ascendant House and the lucky House is called the triangle house.

In PM Narendra Modi’s birth Kundli, the ascendant lord Mars and Bhagyesh Moon’s strong Raj yoga are formed in the ascendant, which separates Modi ji from all the opponents. According to online astrology consultation, Facing all the challenges in the Mahadasha of Mars, Modi Ji is creating the image of a world-famous leader and will continue to do so in the future. Narendra Modi is giving stable governance in India, which will continue till the year 2029.

Sahtur is giving popularity to Modi ji’s magazine, which will provide a strong majority by being situated in his own house at the time of general elections and probably this will happen for the first time in history that this strong majority will always be remembered.

Wrapping Up

When the Antar Dasha of Shani will come again, then his Jupiter will keep an eye on the Ascendant for one year while being in Taurus, it simply means that Mr. Narendra Modi will continue to enjoy better soundness. If talk regarding terrorist incidents, then no terrorist or anti-national force will be able to injure them. Rather, Saturn of Aquarius is creating Shatruhanta Yoga which will grow his fame even more. Along with this, the Mahadasha of ascendant Mars will make him the leader of the world. Modiji’s devotion to Mahadeva also plays an important role in his victory because Saturn is the element of Lord Shiva. The whole world knows the devotion of Narendra Modi to Lord Mahadeva. Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla prays to God for the good health of Narendra Modi and Lord Shiva’s unfailing blessings will make Shri Narendra Modi the destiny maker of India.

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