Ashwina Purnima 2024 – Date, Importance, Vrat and Puja Vidhi

March 11, 2024

The full moon of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month is also called Ashwina Purnima or Sharad Purnima. Ashwina Purnima is also known as Kojagar Purnima and Raas Purnima. Autumn arrives with this full moon. In the traditional Hindu religion, there has been a religious and mythological tradition of celebrating the full moon festival of Ashwin month with joy. This full moon is considered to have unique miraculous powers. It is believed that this is the day when the moon showers nectar on the earth with its sixteen phases.

There is a tradition of worshiping the Moon, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Vishnu on the day of Ashwina Purnima. Also, on the night of this fast, kheer is prepared and kept under the open sky. Then after midnight, the prasad of that kheer is accepted. It is believed that this kheer contains nectar and has the power to cure many diseases. It is believed that the moonlight on this day has medicinal properties which have the power to cure many diseases.

Ashwina Purnima 2024 Date

Ashwina Purnima 2024  on 17 October, Thursday

Purnima Date Start – 16 October 2024 at 08:40 pm
Purnima Date End – 17 October 2024 at 4:55 pm

Ashwina Purnima Importance 

Ashwina Purnima has special importance in the Hindu religion. It is believed that by fasting on this full moon, all the wishes are fulfilled. On the day of Ashwin Purnima, the moon comes very close to the earth, due to which the beauty of the moon increases even more. The rays of the moon emanating at night on the day of Ashwina Purnima are very beneficial. On this day Mahalakshmi shower blessings on her devotees. On this auspicious day, devotees observe Ashwina Purnima fast and worship Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of prosperity and wealth. Shukla Purna Tithi is not an ordinary day. The moonlight is brightest on this day.

Ashwina Purnima Vrat Katha

According to the story, there lived a moneylender in a city. He had two daughters. Both of them were very religious. Both his daughters used to observe fast on the full moon day. But the elder daughter used to observe the complete fast and the younger daughter used to observe the incomplete fast. As time passed, the moneylender married both his daughters. In time the elder daughter gave birth to a healthy child, but the younger daughter’s child died at birth.

When this started happening again and again, she started feeling very sad. Once a moneylender took his young daughter to a Pandit and told him the whole story. Then the Pandit said that whenever his daughter kept a fast on Purnima, she always left it incomplete. The result is that his daughter’s child dies as soon as it is born. By observing a proper fast on the full moon day, his/her child can survive.

On the advice of pundits, he observed the full fast of Purnima as per the rituals. After some time, a boy was born to them but he soon died. He laid the child on a bandage and covered it with a cloth. Then he called his elder sister and gave her the same seat to sit. When the elder sister started sitting on the bench, the girl started crying as soon as she touched her skirt. Seeing this, the elder sister became angry and told the younger sister that she had made the child sleep on this leash and asked her to also sit on the same leash. If anything had happened to the child, he would have been stigmatized.

Then the younger sister said that he was dead. Touching her skirt she came alive. It was a miracle of her fate that he came alive because she always observed Purnima fast with full rituals. After this, a trumpet was sounded in the entire city and all the residents of the city must observe the fast on Ashwina Purnima.

Ashwina Purnima Puja Vidhi

  • On the day of Ashwina Purnima, one should wake up in the morning and remember one’s favorite deity and then worship Lord Shri Krishna.
  • On the day of the full moon, Lord Indra and Mahalakshmi should be worshiped and ghee lamps should be lit.
  • A lamp should be lit on Tulsi on the day of the full moon.
  • This fast is especially observed on the day of Ashwin Purnima to attain Lakshmi. The wealth of those who do Jagran on this day increases.
  • One should resolve to fast on the day of Ashwina Purnima. If you cannot fast then you must perform puja.
  • Purnima Katha and Satyanarayan Puja must be performed on the day of Ashwin Purnima.
  • Food should be taken only after offering Arghya to the moon on the night of Ashwina Purnima.
  • There is a rule to donate kheer etc. in the temple. It is believed that on this day nectar rains due to the light of the moon.
  • Kheer should be fed to Brahmins and Dakshina should be given to them.
  • Kheer Prasad should be eaten not only by the family but also by oneself.

Wrapping Up

Ashwina Purnima is an important and special date in Indian culture. Different colorful festivals are organized to celebrate this day with joy and enthusiasm. This date is also an important part of the religious and cultural environment and is also celebrated as a birth anniversary. If you want to know more information about Ashwina Purnima Vrat, then you can get the information by taking online astrology consultation.

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