Aja Ekadashi 2024 Date, Vrat Khatha, Rituals and Significance

February 23, 2024

Ekadashi of Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha is also called Aja Ekadashi. This time Ekadashi falls on Thursday, August 29, 2024. Aja Ekadashi fast has great importance in the scriptures. By worshiping Lord Shri Hari as per the rituals on this day, one gets the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi along with Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. By observing fast on this day and doing proper puja, listening, or reading Vrat Katha, Shri Hari becomes free from all troubles and destroys all sins. People observing Aja Ekadashi fast get virtue equal to “Ashwamedha Yagya”.

Bhadrapada Krishna Ekadashi 2024

Bhadrapada Krishna Ekadashi has immense spiritual and religious significance. To understand the meaning of Aja Ekadashi 2024, we have to understand the word “Aja” means “unborn” or “unmanifested” and Ekadashi refers to the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight. Bhadrapada Krishna Ekadashi 2024 is an important event of the year as per Hindu traditions and beliefs. It is celebrated with full devotion and enthusiasm by the devotees of Lord Vishnu throughout the country. Bhadrapada Krishna Ekadashi is also known as Ananda Ekadashi and is a major fast and puja observed by the people of India. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is considered the protector of humanity and cosmic order. It emphasizes the fact that the cycle of birth and death is inevitable and the existence of the Supreme Being is beyond time and space.

Aja Ekadashi Date

Aja Ekadashi on Thursday, 29 August 2024

Aja Ekadashi Start Time – 29 August 2024 at 01:17 AM

Aja Ekadashi End Time – 30 August 2024 at 01:28 AM

Aja Ekadashi Parana time

Aja Ekadashi (breakfast) time – 30 August 2024, 08:15 AM to 11:33 AM

Dwadashi ending time on Paran Tithi – 07:10 AM

Aja Ekadashi Vrat 2024

On this day, wake up early in the morning and take a bath, etc. Spread a yellow cloth on a plank towards the east and install the idol or photo of Lord Vishnu. Light a ghee lamp and incense and keep an earthen urn. After this, perform Aarti by offering fruits, yellow flowers, betel nuts, betel nuts, coconut, cloves, etc. to Lord Vishnu. Now chant the mantra ॐ अच्युताय नमः 108 times. Remain fasting the whole day and in the evening, light a ghee lamp in front of the idol of Lord Vishnu, and listen to the fast story of Aja Ekadashi. After this have fruits. The next day morning, the fast can be broken by serving food to Brahmins and giving donations to any needy person.

Aja Ekadashi of Rituals

On this day followers observe a fast in honor of their deity Lord Vishnu. The observer of this fast should also eat Satvik food a day before i.e. on Dashami (the 10th day) to free the mind from negativity.

Followers of Aja Ekadashi fast should wake up during the day at sunrise and then take a bath with mud and sesame seeds. The place of worship should be clean. Rice should be kept at an auspicious place and a sacred pot should be placed over it. The mouth of this Kalash should be covered with a red cloth and the idol of Lord Vishnu should be installed on its top. After this, the followers worship the idol of Lord Vishnu by offering flowers, fruits, and other necessary materials. A ghee lamp is also lit in front of the idol.

Aja Ekadashi of Significance

It is believed in Hindu religious scriptures that the devotees who observe this fast and keep vigil at night, all their sins are destroyed and ultimately they attain heaven. Apart from this, by listening to the story of Aja Brahmadi, the devotees get the results of Ashwamedha Yagya. By observing the fast of Aja Ekadashi one gets virtuous results and by observing this fast properly one attains salvation. By the grace of Sri Hari, all sins are destroyed and the soul moves towards Vaikuntha Dham.

Aja Ekadashi of Vrat Katha

It is said that King Harishchandra was known for his integrity and honesty. Once the gods planned to test them. The king saw in his dream that he had donated his kingdom to sage Vishwamitra. The next day, when King Harishchandra was about to leave after handing over all his kingdom to Vishwamitra, Vishwamitra asked for 500 gold coins as Dakshina from King Harishchandra. The king told him, what about five hundred, you can take as many gold coins as you want. Vishwamitra started laughing at this and reminded the king that he had donated the kingdom’s treasury along with the throne and the donated thing cannot be donated again. Then the king sold his wife and son and bought gold coins, but even that did not amount to five hundred. King Harish Chandra also sold himself and donated all the gold coins to Vishwamitra. The place where King Harishchandra sold himself was the Chandal of the crematorium. Chandal gave the task of collecting tax for cremation in the cremation ground to King Harishchandra.

One day King Harishchandra was fasting on Ekadashi. It was midnight and the king was guarding the entrance of the crematorium. It was very dark, and suddenly a helpless and poor woman arrived there crying, holding the dead body of her son in her hands. King Harish Chandra, following his religion, also demanded tax from his wife for the cremation of his son. The wife did not have money to pay the tax so she tore half of her saree and gave it to the king. At the same time, the Lord appeared and said to the king, “O Harishchandra, in this world you have established the highest ideal of living the true life.” Your devotion to duty is great, you will remain immortal in history.” Meanwhile, the king’s son Rohitash came alive. With the permission of God, Vishwamitra also returned Harishchandra’s kingdom to him.

Wrapping Up

Aja Ekadashi 2024 offers devotees a chance to connect with their spirituality and seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu. It is a wake-up call for individuals to live a life that is beyond the fear of the vicious cycle of life and death. It teaches the value of simple things like unwavering devotion and self-discipline and helps us remember the power of truth. Through online astrology consultation, you can learn about the importance of Aja Ekadashi and its effects.

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