What is Astrology?

June 11, 2023

Astrologer Suryadigrahan Bodhkam Shastram i.e. the science which gives knowledge of the Sun, Planet, and Time is called Jyotish Shastra. It mainly describes the form of planets, constellations, events related to communication, travel time, eclipse and position, and auspicious results. The calculation and representation of the planets and Nakshatras located in the zodiac signs are important for human life and it is also an effective technique of personality test and can find out the future events of the person as well as find out Could should also be known It is known that what are the fatal obstacles in a person’s life that are going to block his path or at what time he will have to face the misfortune of fate and at such times astrology is the only medium through which a person can get success in life.

People see astrology as a theology, but it is actually a science. Both connoisseurs of astrology and connoisseurs of spiritual knowledge unanimously accept the truth that the condition of a high-class creature like a human being keeps on changing according to his deeds, thoughts, feelings, and resolutions, hence this moment has special significance. It is the moment that affects a person for the rest of his life.

Why is it like this? In this context, it can be said that every moment specific power currents of cosmic energy are found in some form or the other in one or the other magnitude. In these moments of meeting, man is born and at this moment it is decided in which order the currents of energy will meet in the future and what will be their impact on life.

The moment of a person’s birth stays with him forever. The moment of birth is of special importance because it tells with which Karmabeej, Prarabdha, and Samskaras and from which meeting point of energies the soul is born. The moment of birth gives a special place to the individual and his life in this vast universe. This is such a place in the cycle of time, which always remains unchangeable and due to their meeting creation, person, animal, plant, matter, event, etc. are born, in the same order their merger and immersion also takes place. Place.

The Maharishis, the researchers of astrology, classified this cosmic energy flow into four phases, twelve signs, and twenty-seven constellations of nine planets. In these, he has seen the sequence of changes in the order of Vinshottara, Ashtottara, and Yogini constellations. The subtlety of the transformation sequence of these energy flows is understood in the sequence of their inter- and inter-transformation states.

If astrology is understood properly, then man can recognize his fundamental abilities and by recognizing them, he can also find out his religion, in such a situation, he can recognize the sequence of energy flows that affect his position in the time cycle. And thus can adopt accuracy. He should not be harmed by the sequence of energy flows that change according to time and only a qualified astrologer can give the knowledge of this timeline. Qadi is only a qualified astrologer. Who can save you from the malefic effects of planets by telling mantras, methods of charity, use of gems, etc. in Mahadasha, Antardasha, and Pratyantardasha and can show you the right path to achieve success in life?

Know Why Astrology Knowledge Is Important 

Astrology is actually a kind of knowledge of probabilities. According to Saravali, the correct and accurate knowledge of this astrology is very helpful in earning wealth and prosperity in life, because whenever astrology tells any auspicious time or period, success can be achieved in doing any work, But it should be done from the heart.

According to the calculations of astrologers, Amavasya, Ashtami, and Purnima have been given a fixed time for tides in the sea. Scientists have also started believing in astrology, and now they have started doing agriculture according to lunar dates and constellations. Astrology is so accurate that any kind of accident and trouble that will happen in the future is predicted to man in advance, but astrology also has a solution to all the problems that come in life and protection is given by telling astrology its solution. Where science fails due to man’s wrath, there is a huge contribution of astrology in the diagnosis of diseases.

Whoever is born in this universe, the moment of his birth, dosha, house, and clock are always with him. The time of his birth has special significance in human life because the time of birth of a human being tells that the soul is born as another soul with whom Karmabeej, Prarabdha, and samskaras take place and from which meeting point of energy flows.

The knowledge of astrology is very vast knowledge or we can say that just as it is impossible to measure the depth of the ocean, similarly knowing what astrology is also a mystery. It’s not so easy to learn but not impossible either

As soon as we look at the sky, a question arises in the mind what are planets and constellations? Why don’t all the planets sink together? Why does the sun rise from the east every day?

Due to these questions, man started seeing-testing-understanding the planets-stars in the sky. Slowly man started understanding the movement of planets and constellations. They started relating the events around them to the movement of planets and constellations and thus science was formed, which we call astrology today.

Importance Of Astrology

Jyotisham Suryadi Grahanam Bodhakam Shastram’ This means that the science that gives knowledge of planets (planets, constellations, comets, etc.) and time is called astrology, that is, the science that gives light. In a way, it is a scripture that shows the way. The scripture from which the knowledge of the world, the mystery of life and death, and light can be seen in relation to the happiness and sorrow of life, is astrology. In this sense, it sits closer to metaphysics and philosophy than to astronomy.

The concept of astrology basically rests on the planets. In this, seven planets are called main and two are called shadow planets. Sun is king, Moon is minister, Mercury is a scribe, Jupiter is guru, Venus is priest, Saturn is a prince and Rahu is a shadow planet, Chandala Ketu is untouchable.

Day when light is not the main basis of life on this earth, life will probably not be possible on that day, therefore in astrology Sun has been called the king of the planets, and time is calculated considering it as the basis.

There is a difference in the intensity of the light due to the different angles of light of the planets at different places. Its effect also changes with time. According to the environment in which the organism lives, the related elements become heavy or light in it. Everyone has their own specialty. For example, a person born at a particular place has a different nature and shape than a person born at another place at the same time because of the characteristics of the rays of the planets falling on that place.

In this way, astrology is not a magic or miracle but a branch of science. The study of science is broadly divided into parts:-

  1. Physics
  2. Applied Science

Under physics, scientists make hypotheses by studying the causes and consequences of any phenomenon. Then they present the equation, which is confirmed by the results and facts of the physical experiment. In applied science, we study causes and their effects and hypothesize which causes can produce what effects.  In this, economic development has been linked to the literacy rate. His theory is based on data obtained from the census. Similarly, astrologers also make predictions by systematically studying the effects of the solar system on human beings and analyzing the collected data.

In this way, astrology is like a science, in which the effect of planets and constellations on human life is studied on a rational and mathematical basis and on the basis of available data and information, information about the present, past, and future of a particular person is obtained. Is performed. is given. If astrology is used in the right way in our life without considering it as a miracle or superstition, then it can prove to be very useful.

Wrapping Up

Astrology is a part of spirituality, its astrological principles and calculations help in preparing a person’s horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, the horoscope plays an important role in a person’s life and provides him with a vision for the future, a prophetic idea. For more information about astrology, you can talk to online astrology consultation.

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