Weak Sun Remedies – Remedies for weak Surya

September 22, 2023

According to astrology, the Sun is also the most important planet. Sun is the lord of Leo and Libra is considered to be the debilitated sign of Sun. It represents the father. If the position of the Sun is strong in the horoscope, then it gives you respect and fame. Along with this, the strength of the Sun in a woman’s horoscope indicates the success of her husband. This is the reason why it is very important to know the placement of the Sun in the birth chart, and you can take astrological remedies to reduce the malefic effects of the Sun when it is in a weak position.

Weak Sun Symptoms

  • According to astrology, if the sun is weak in a person’s horoscope, then he never gets respect in his work. Whether he does a job or business, he does not get success. There are obstacles in his work. They have to change their job or business again and again.

  • The weakness of Sun brings defamation to the native in their in-law’s house. They are not liked by the in-laws. Such a person does not even get the support of their family.

  • Surya Dosh makes false accusations against a person and tarnishes his reputation. Also, they can become a victim of some conspiracy.

  • Surya dosha of the horoscope gives problems of the thyroid, depression, dry skin, pain, etc. to the person. Also, such people remain lethargic and energyless.

Remedies for Weak Sun in Astrology

  • Some effective remedies have been given in astrology to remove sun defects. This remedy removes the inauspicious effects of sun defect strengthens the sun and gives auspicious results.

  • After bathing each morning, make it a practice to offer water to the Sun. This will strengthen the Sun and work progress. Will get support from father.

  • Recite Aditya Hriday Strot every Sunday or if possible daily. This will increase self-confidence. Thinking will be positive and you will be successful.

  • Donate a black blanket to a poor person on Sunday. Due to this, Rahu-Ketu also has a negative effect.

  • Offer water on the Shivling from a copper pot. Donate black sesame seeds.

  • Feed flour tablets to the fish. Feed the birds. These measures remove the biggest problems of life.

How to Improve Sun in Kundli

  • Keep a fast for at least 12 Sundays to strengthen the position of the Sun in the horoscope. Sunday fasting can be observed for the whole year or even on 30 Sundays. By doing this one gets the grace of Sun God and success in works.

  • To enhance the Sun’s influence, don red attire after bathing on Sundays. Also, chant Om Hran Hrin Hran S: Suryaya Namah ( ह्रीं ह्रीं हं : सूर्याय ) नमः  mantra for 3, 5, or 12 rounds. There will be benefits from this.

  • After taking a bath on Sunday, take clean water in a pot. Furthermore, include red sandalwood, red flowers, akshat, and durva in the offering. Then, present water to the Sun God. This practice strengthens the sun’s energy.

  • Do not consume salt on Sunday. Enjoy a nourishing meal of porridge, milk, yogurt, clarified butter (ghee), sugar, wheat bread, and more. in food. This further solidifies the Sun’s position.

  • By fasting on Sunday, the sun gives auspicious results, physical pains go away and health is attained.

  • In times of the sun’s vulnerability, one should offer donations of red and yellow garments, jaggery, gold, copper, ruby, wheat, red lotus, lentils, cow, and more.

  • Ruby stone can be worn to strengthen the Sun. Additionally, copper, the Surya Kant gem, or a red gem can be worn as an adornment for the Sun.

  • To appease the Sun God, one can recite the Aditya Hriday Stotra. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra is also advantageous during this time.

  • Even on Sundays, the Sun becomes strong by serving cows. Feed bread to the cow. Incorporate flour balls into the fish and provide sugar to the ants.

  • Not only this, it is believed that touching the feet of parents regularly also strengthens the Sun. 

Wrapping Up

According to astrology, having a planetary defect in the horoscope causes many problems in life related to it. In such a situation, these planetary defects should be identified as soon as possible and measures should be taken to remove them. If you want to know more about Remedies for weak Surya, then talk to astrologers.

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