Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra – Venus in Ashlesha

January 29, 2024

Venus with the energy of Rohini influences the factors of change, marriage, relationships, passion, creativity, and artistic talent. Individuals with Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra may remain attached to an unfavorable relationship for a very long time, especially when it is time to leave it. When these individuals finally let go of someone, they undergo a transformation in which they are renewed. This is because both Venus and Ashlesha correspond to change. A change that causes the old skin to shed to reveal new skin. These people are very sensual and emotional. They are fond of expressing their sexuality openly.

Venus represents marriage in the horoscope of both men and women; Therefore, if Venus is in Ashlesha, the person’s spouse may have ESP abilities. Your spouse may be in tune with other people’s energies. The life partner (husband or wife) is compelling and magnetic. The marriage partner has attractive energy and can attract others. The husband or wife can hypnotize people with one look. still. Spouse loves hugs and can be cuddled while sleeping. However, the spouse may have a habit of criticizing the Venus Ashlesha person.

Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra is good or bad  

Venus is in the enemy constellation here but it is in the friendly constellation of Mercury. Ashlesha’s nature is not good anyway. Ashlesha reflects our insecurities and stubborn attitude and is one of the most difficult nakshatras, it is a difficult position. But with every good, there is some bad associated with it, and with every bad, there is also some good associated with it. Venus is the constellation of service, wealth, and creativity. Venus in the constellation of Mercury may make the person very creative or he may be very good at handling finance/money-related matters. They can serve people with emotional or psychological problems, which Ashlesha represents. Therefore, they can become physicians in this field. Ashlesha Nakshatra represents Kundalini energy, they can also serve people through yoga or meditation which can help others in their spiritual growth. Venus is also one of the teachers, they can teach people and get money through the above services.

Ashlesha is related to clinging and is represented by entangled snakes, this insecure nature is also seen in relationship matters and the person may cling to his partner. Many times they do not even realize that they are wrapped around a poisonous snake. So, in terms of relationships, it is a very difficult planetary position where they are not aware of their love interests. Clinging brings pain and suffering while letting go gives relief to the person.

Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra Pada 1

In this stage, caste is beautiful, insulting, and creates fear. The one with special small eyes, as dangerous as poison, the one who creates fear in the minds of people, the one who is respected in the society but shows glimpses from behind, the one who is quick in working but has the power to vote. The one who meditates on any point in Hathayoga is a sinner.

Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra Pada 2

In this phase, the person is poor, faces sorrows, does not do any work, is a skeleton, a destroyer, a driver, gets into relationships without any reason, moves ahead, and faces the wrong people.

Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra Pada 3

In this phase, the person has qualities similar to those of the second phase. If the ascendant is in this phase and Venus meets the Moon, then the person would have deviated from his path from an early age. The astrologer had to have sexual relations several times since the age of 16.

Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra Pada 4

In this phase, the people have the same qualities and defects as in the first phase. In this phase, the astrologer remains unhappy due to having a high-level officer in any department, using the army, and making a good name in politics but having more relationships than himself.

Wrapping Up

Ashlesha represents our insecurities and weaknesses as human beings. This is the constellation of clinging to something or the other. It also represents psychological issues. Ashlesha is a part of the Cancer sign, so the Cancer sign and its representation become important. There are two and a half constellations in the Cancer zodiac sign namely Punarvasu, Pushyami, and Ashlesha. If you want to know more about the effect of Venus in Ashlesha Nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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