Varaha (Pig/Boar) Avatar Associated With Rahu

November 24, 2023

Lord Vishnu has taken a total of 24 incarnations. Varaha is the third incarnation after Matsya and Kashyap. Varaha means Shukar. Through this incarnation, the first step of God took place on earth with the human body. The face was that of a pig, but the body was human. At that time, a demon named Hiranyaksha had captured heaven with his power and brought the entire earth under his control. Hiranyaksha means Hiranya means gold and Aksha means eyes. The one whose eyes are fixed on other’s wealth is Hiranyaksha.

Varaha Avatar Of Vishnu

According to the scriptures, there were two gatekeepers named Jai and Vijay in Lord Vaikuntha Dham. Who used to serve Lord Lakshmi Narayan ji there. Once when Sankadi Munishwar went to Vaikuntha Dham to meet Lord Lakshmi ji and Vishnu ji, seeing the demonic nature of Jai and Vijay, he did not behave properly with them, due to which the four Sankadi brothers cursed them to go to earth and become demons. given.

Due to his influence, Jai and Vijay were born from Diti’s womb. Prajapati Kashyap named them Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaksha. Both the brothers did hard penance and got different boons from Lord Brahma. Hiranyakashipu obtained the boon of not dying from Lord Brahma by keeping many conditions.

As a result of the distress of Lord Brahma’s children and the decision given by Lord Vishnu. Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu took over the reins of administration and spread destruction. The eldest brother Hiranyaksha went to submerge the earth in Kshirsagar. He had hidden a lot of depth in it. In ancient times, when the demon Hiranyaksha took away the earth and hid it in the sea, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Varaha from Brahma’s nose. Seeing this form of Lord Vishnu, all the gods and sages praised him. At everyone’s request, Lord Varaha started searching for the earth. With the help of his snout, he located the earth and after going inside the sea and placing it on his teeth he brought the earth out. When the demon Hiranyaksha saw this, he challenged the Varaha form of Lord Vishnu for war. There was a fierce battle between the two. At last Lord Varaha killed Hiranyaksha. After this, Lord Varaha stirred the water with his hooves and established the earth on it. After this Lord Varaha disappeared.

Varaha Relationship with Rahu

Varaha is the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is associated with the planet Rahu. Varaha means cow, it was through this incarnation that the first step of God along with the human body was on the earth. The face was of a pig but the body was of a human.

There is a legend that there was a demon named Hiranyaksha who through his powers took the entire earth and went to the bottom of the sea. Then Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Varaha and went after that demon. After a huge battle, Lord Varaha killed this demon named Hiranyaksha and with the help of his tooth, pulled the earth out of the ocean floor.

Rahu, which is the head of the demon Swarbhanu, is related to the incarnation of Lord Varaha, as Lord Vishnu used his tusks in this incarnation to bring the earth out of the seabed.

Rahu represents the work done in this life. People associated with this planet like to travel, along with this they are a little cunning and also tend to lie. Such people also maintain their interest in material wealth.

If the energy of Rahu is given the right direction and Varaha, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is invoked with devotion, then a person can overcome the illusion and learn to maintain balance in his life. One can also learn to maintain a balance between one’s worldly and spiritual deeds.

Wrapping Up

Lord Vishnu himself incarnated in the form of Varaha for the expansion of the world. His body was blue, as big as it was hard. He had a complexion like that of a thunderous mountain and had hard hair on his body, hooves that were sharp as arrows, teeth that were white and hard, and fire was emanating from his eyes and he was roaring very loudly. Being in the form of a pig, he was searching the earth by sniffing with his nose. When Hiranyaksha snatched away Mother Earth, Lord Vishnu incarnated in the form of a boar to save Mother Earth. Rahu, when it is working in its higher direction, can protect and save the universe. Rahu is also identified with the power of Goddess Durga. By loving the Varaha symbol we enhance our Rahu life force and utilize it properly. According to online astrological consultation, chant with coral rosary or red sandalwood rosary – 1.25 lakh chanting of this mantra is important. If this is not possible, one rosary can be chanted regularly. From the religious point of view, worshiping Lord Varaha and chanting mantras gives happiness to land and buildings. After chanting, Havan and Brahmabhoj also have importance.

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