Sun in Bharani Nakshatra – Sun in Bharani

December 28, 2023

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra brings popularity and official position in sports and politics. There are high chance that the person can get a good government job or any other administrative job or service. The person will be courageous, risk-taking, and intelligent. You will be soft-spoken at an early age but may become very sociable and outspoken after the age of 30. Sun in this Nakshatra gives great confidence and luck in life.

The person will perform well in artistic and creative fields. However, you will remain introverted and shy until your 30s. After the age of 30, you will shine socially as a scholar, speaker, team leader, and extrovert. Money, success, and prosperity will start following you from the age of 28. There will be problems in your love and married life. You can become the chief or head of the defense team or police team. Some people can become IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, or PCS in life. You can work in the broadcasting department. Some people may get a chance to work in the field of internal or external affairs in life.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra is good or bad  

Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by Lord Yama. He is the god of death. Lord Yama is known to administer justice by counting one’s good and bad deeds. Thus, people born in this Nakshatra remain impartial in every situation. A woman born in this Nakshatra will enjoy good health, although she may often suffer from menstrual problems and uterine disorders. Tuberculosis is another thing he has to be careful of.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra Pada 1

In this stage, the person is in good health, attracted to people, lucky for wealth growth, education, knowledge about astrology, no eye-related problems or injuries, and good behavior with people. In such a situation, the astrologer gets ideal expertise in the field of doctor or physician, judge, or agriculture department.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra Pada 2

In this phase, the person enjoys luxuries, lives a happy life by treating his family well, is ruthless, and educated, leaves people on the right path, and receives testicles, babies, and mumps from shopkeepers, his nature is good. Because people like to create distance, and make enemies, the fence must be solid. The one doing the water business is the one doing his make-up from the chemical-related industry. Such a person is likely to have a love marriage, get more benefits with less money, become the owner of his father’s property, or get secret or stolen money in some other way.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra Pada 3

In this stage, a person can be the eldest and master of his family, can also be the head of the country, has courage, and discretion, takes responsibility for his work, achieves records, conquers, and has a strong heart and mind. A person who is affectionate consumes alcohol and meat and suffers from many diseases. At such times, the ability of the stones inside many stones becomes stronger. The presence of the Sun in this phase is not considered good for the person because the presence of the Sun in this phase means harm to the person. For example, in such a situation the person will have all the wealth but due to the influence of the Sun, he will lose all his wealth.

The lawyer who sells jurisprudence to caste people may be a great orator, doctor, or hakim, but he does not succeed in any field. Because in such a situation, the person is prone to hassle, haste in work, and quarrels over small matters.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra Pada 4

In this condition, due to some reason or other, the person has to suffer for many years since childhood, because, in such a situation, the person’s father may also die. Due to this the person becomes poor, handicapped, unhappy, backward, indulges in many immoral activities, and has to suffer insult in the society.

In such a situation, if the position of any planet is also auspicious then its sight is not falling on the Sun, but if the position of any planet is also being affected by it then the number of the person may get spoiled. There is no one to donate shares either.

Wrapping Up

The person has lived and seen the latter part of his life well. The person is a person who stands firm on his point of view and keeps his identity strong. People are made aware of the atrocities being committed against caste people and are advised to drive other people out. One who helps because of bad character. From astrological predictions, we can know what effect the Sun has on Bharani Nakshatra.

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