Saturn Conjunct Ketu

December 13, 2023

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu shows that Saturn is the factor of hard work, career, progress, development, determination, and material desires in life, while Ketu is the factor of material attainment of qualities like power. represents. Status and Success Therefore, your focus has shifted towards spiritual and religious inclinations and knowledge.

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu is going to give less progressive qualities like despair, denial, delay, overthinking, and dissatisfaction and this conjunction in your horoscope is liable to bring painful experiences in life as well as extreme introverted behavior and confused vision.

Saturn and Ketu in 1st house

Due to the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the first house, the person has a recluse personality. Saturn is a symbol of strict, serious, and fair nature. Whereas, Ketu represents solitude and imprisonment. The first house or ascendant house of the horoscope symbolizes external appearances, ego, temperament, self-confidence, and self-expression.

Saturn and Ketu in 2nd house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the second house causes serious eye problems. Their bones and teeth are weak. In astrology, the second house is the symbol of wealth. It is also called wealth house or finance house. This house controls your income, property, wealth, monetary gains, vehicles, and non-material things.

Saturn and Ketu in 3rd house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the third house forces the person to distance himself from his siblings and shut them down. The third house of astrology reflects mental tendencies. It rules over the abilities and skills to learn and adapt. Apart from this it also controls your habits, interests, siblings, intelligence, communication, and communication mediums.

Saturn and Ketu in 4th house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the fourth house inspires the person to completely abandon domestic life. The fourth house of astrology symbolizes your money, land and property. This house rules your happiness, roots, your relationship with your mother, real estate, vehicles, and domestic happiness. This is also called brotherhood.

Saturn and Ketu in 5th house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the fifth house is a very negative situation. The fifth house is a symbol of playfulness, fun, joy, and happiness. This dominion rules love, romance, sex, pleasure, creativity, and intelligence. This house is also called son house. All aspects related to love life and bliss come under the purview of the fifth house.

Saturn and Ketu in 6th house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the sixth house symbolizes health, well-being, daily routine, debts, and enemies. Due to this condition the natives may have to face terrible accidents, serious injuries, and surgeries. This dominion also rules over difficulties, obstacles. Ketu is a symbol of hidden things. Whereas Saturn is a symbol of growth.

Saturn and Ketu in 7th house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the seventh house can spoil your relationship with your partner and can ruin the friendship or partner rapidly. All types of partnerships, organizations and relationships fall under the governance of the seventh house. Especially in their career, they never get support from people. They have to struggle alone.

Saturn and Ketu in 8th house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the eighth house is the most fatal situation. Due to this, people may have to face sudden death or incurable disease. Your death, longevity, and unexpected events define the 8th house. Quick events like sudden gain, lottery, and sudden loss are also part of the eighth house.

Saturn and Ketu in 9th house

Due to this planetary combination, a person leaves all his responsibilities and adopts the path of spiritual education. Such a person will be sincerely engaged in religious activities. The ninth house represents truth, principles, inclination towards good deeds, charity.

Saturn and Ketu in 10th house

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the tenth house destroys the energy and power of your career house. Since both of them are hindering and slow planets, they create many obstacles in your path. Your career, profession, success, and failure are all governed by the tenth house. It controls your reputation, designation, conquests, authority, reputation, and field of business.

Saturn and Ketu in 11th house

The position of Saturn and Ketu in the 11th house is called the profit house. This house controls profit, wealth, income, name, fame and monetary gains. It also rules your social circle, friends, well-wishers, elder brother, and acquaintances. Along with this, a person also has to face difficulties in generating proper sources of income and settling a house.

Saturn and Ketu in 12th house

The twelfth house of Saturn and Ketu is the end of the cycle. It matches the last sign of the zodiac. Therefore, this bhava represents the end of the worldly journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey. This house also symbolizes sleep, imprisonment, loss, and separation.

Wrapping Up

The Saturn and Ketu conjunction creates an environment of extreme confusion where Saturn takes you in his systematic way, but shadow planet Ketu has no practical reason to think when he is right. It’s time to stop this which can lead you to excessive stress. If you want to know more about the combination of  Saturn and Ketu, then you can talk to astrologers.

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