Moon Mahadasha – Chandra Mahadasha

September 21, 2023

Many things in your life can be understood from the position of the astrologically important planet Moon. You will find that you become a deep thinker during the Moon Mahadasha, but your thoughts will not be free and clear. The Moon is the ruler of your emotions and your thinking. Your heart will dominate your mind during this dasha. If the Moon is in a good position in your horoscope then you can experience rich emotions with physical beauty and high potential.

Facing the legend of Moon’s mahadasha requires people to focus on self-care and related well-being. They promote institutionalized enterprises that provide relaxation and relief from stress. Like yoga, quality time cycle with nature, meditation, etc. It is also essential to develop a healthy mindset and learn how to deal emotionally effectively. Moon usually represents feminine qualities like nurturing, caring, and love. Your powers of intuition will be at their peak.

Chandra Dasha Period

Chandra is a very humble type of planet and is known as the queen of planets. It indicates motherhood or femininity. During this dasha, you may see a strong connection and attraction toward the women in your life. Chandra Dasha Period lasts for 10 years, during which you will feel great balance in your life, which exhibits one of the prime qualities of the Moon.

Moon Vimshottari Dasha

Moon Vimshottari Dasha is experienced sooner or later in the lifetime of the native. This extension of Chandra Mahadasha lasts for a period of 10 years. Moon is a planet that brings out our true and core feelings of how we see ourselves. The moon acts like a mirror for our true nature without any appearances. Like all Mahadashas, Moon Mahadasha can also have auspicious or inauspicious effects on the life of the native. Let us analyze the positive or negative effect brought by the Mahadasha of the Moon on the basis of several determining factors.

Chandra Mahadasha is the period of 10 years when the influence of Moon is maximum on your horoscope. Moon represents mother, femininity, beauty, art, luxury, prosperity, tenderness, wealth and love. Therefore, during this time (dasha), one may develop a sudden interest in the arts. Your mind will start feeling inclined towards spirituality. You will also gain knowledge and wisdom and your creativity will get a boost. However, this period will also bring restlessness, mental tension and anxiety in your mind as negative effects.

The kind of fruit it will give will depend on the position of the moon in the horoscope. Its results will also depend on which planet the moon is with and which planet is aspecting it. Sacrifice, Swagruhi, Mool triangle will give good results. Saturn, along with Rahu, depression, mental troubles, distress to the mother, etc. effects are seen. Overall, it would not be appropriate to say anything without knowing its position in the birth chart.

Chandra Mahadasha Effect

Positive Effects of Chandra Mahadasha

This is the effect of Moon Mahadasha. That this person can create a big impact in his life by adopting a new approach. So let us discuss the Moon Mahadasha and the Yoga of the Kundli.

One of the most important instability is in the Moon Mahadasha. It mainly deals with feeling, intuition, and digital. During this period one can establish harmony with oneself and one’s feelings. Also managing in the best way possible.

This creates a greater sense of stability and can help the themes of the combination to inject their own way and make way for confirmation. Intuition is attained from the Moon Mahadasha. Moon is known to be the karaka of the mind and during this period one may find himself attracted by an immense aura.

As a result, the person may have a new thinking or framework. Which can create an opportunity for strength growth and development. Additionally, the enhanced intuition that comes with the Moon Mahadasha can help people make better decisions and gain emancipation more easily by showing glimpses of life.

Health and well-being will be good in Chandra Mahadasha. Moon is an architectural factor from the feminine element. One can experience more observational healing and nurturing energy during this period. This can lead to improved physical health and a stronger, stable outlook.

Chandra Mahadasha is considered to increase financial stability. Moon signifies wealth and abundance and people can get engaged during this period. That they are becoming more successful in their business and finances. They may also have more significant opportunities to increase their wealth through investment or other means.

Of course, each person’s experience may be different and the beneficence of Moon Mahadasha may be different depending on the astrological chart and other results of the person. However, those who experience this period. For them, this can be a time of important growth and positive change in their lives.

Negative Effects of Chandra Mahadasha

In Vedic astrology, the Mahadasha of the Moon is considered the time of progress. But it may have a few negative effects as well. So know what are the inauspicious effects of Moon Mahadasha?

One of the most prominent negative effects of Moon Mahadasha most powerful person. It is also related to tension, anxiety, and intuition. But during this period the person may feel irritable, moody, or easily upset. This may hinder the difference. Especially if a person does not mask his feelings with impunity.

Moon Mahadasha can also be useful for physical and mental health. Personal anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems may be experienced during this period. Apart from this, physical health-related disorders related to the digestive system can also occur. Because Moon is also away from digestion and the stomach.

Moon Dasha brings with it the need for more inspiration and energy. Enhanced intuition and licensee can sometimes lead to a lack of drive or shareholder. The alternative may be subjective apathy or a feeling of inspiration itself. His style and success in personal or professional work can be affected.

The Moon sign is the need to relax and spend time with a negro who asks for less. That’s why keep yourself involved in a program. This can be an important option to reduce the negative effects of Moon Mahadasha. So that it should not affect your mental or physical health.

Chandra Mahadasha Remedies

To reduce the negative effects of Moon’s Mahadasha, the effect of Moon’s Mahadasha can be reduced by adopting some measures. Some of the remedies for Chandra Mahadasha are given below:

  • Worship Goddess Gauri (Parvati), Durga or Goddess Kali and Lord Krishna

  • Don’t take silver gifts from anyone

  • Chant Chandra Beej Mantra 10000 times within a time period of 40 days – Om Shree Shree Shree Sah Chandraya Namah

  • Donation of silver once a year (a small silver thread will also suffice).

  • Donate milk and avoid drinking milk at night. don’t drink milk on Monday

  • Keep small plants in the north direction of your house.

  • Wear white clothes

  • Wear pearl or moonstone gemstone (take the guidance of an astrologer before buying it)

Wrapping Up

Moon’s Mahadasha can make you extremely happy or extremely upset, depending on its position. The nature of the Chandra is benefic and it bestows a lot of wealth, property, and emotional stability to the people. This period is also very likely to bring good luck and the birth of a girl child. On the other hand, the Moon in a bad position during Chandra Mahadasha can have a negative impact on all factors that can affect one’s mental and physical health, relationships with close ones, and wealth. However, the remedies suggested above will definitely reduce the effects of a weak Moon and lead the native to better physical and mental health. If you want to know more about Moon Mahadasha then you can get information by taking an astrology phone consultations.

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