Moon In Zodiac – Moon Impact on Zodiac

September 14, 2023

Moon in astrology is the second planet among all the planets. In Vedic astrology, Moon is the factor of mind, mother, mental state, morale, material things, travel, happiness-peace, wealth-wealth, blood, left eye, chest, etc. Moon is the lord of Cancer in the zodiac signs and Rohini. , in Hasta and Shravan Nakshatras. Its size is the smallest among the planets but its speed is the fastest. The duration of the Moon’s transit is the shortest. It transits from one zodiac sign to another in about two and a half days. Vimshottari, Yogini, Ashtottari Dasha, etc are formed due to the movement of the Moon. On the other hand, in Vedic astrology, the moon sign of a person is considered the basis of knowing the horoscope. The zodiac sign in which the moon is located at the time of birth is called the moon sign of the person.

Moon In Aries

The lord of Aries is Mars, who is a friend of the Moon, so Aries will be a friend of the Moon, due to which a person’s body becomes strong. If Moon is in Aries, then the person is sonless, devoid of relatives, and unstable. The person has stable assets and the person is going to earn a name by his efficiency. Such a person always has the fear of falling from water and from a high place. The person is also impatient and lustful. Read more about Moon In Aries

Moon In Taurus 

Moon is exalted up to 3 degrees in Taurus. After degree 3, the Moon is in Moolatrikona. Thus, when the Moon is in Taurus, the person is handsome, contented, agile, vigorous, and a sweet eater. The person is calm, indulgent, luxurious, and happy. Jatak is going to get royal respect. The native is happy with their wife, son, and wealth. The person is a skilled, philanthropic, painting, music, and poetry lover. Such people may suffer from phlegm disease, cold disease, eye disease, and water-related diseases. Read more about Moon In Taurus

Moon In Gemini

The lord of Gemini is Mercury, who is called the son of Moon. Moon maintains a friendship with Mercury but Mercury maintains enmity with Moon. In such a situation, a person becomes beautiful when the Moon is situated in Gemini. Such a person is of mixed nature. The person is lusty and indulgent. Due to the effect of the Moon in Gemini, the person becomes humorous. The person becomes a scholar and gets love from a woman. Jatak changes business more than once. Read more about Moon In Gemini

Moon In Cancer

The lord of Cancer is Moon. In Cancer, Moon is in its own sign, due to its auspicious effect, the native gets children, wealth, and prosperity. The character of the person is noticed. Due to the effect of the Moon in Cancer, the person becomes virtuous, a Veda scientist, an expert in art, popular and famous. A person who loves water, and doing business related to the water near a water place is successful and a lover of water travel. Such a person is also proficient in arts and is interested in music and painting. The intellect of the native is pure and of high quality. The person is sensual. The native is interested in astrology. The person becomes mad. Jatak is a collector and a lover of things. Read more about Moon In Cancer

Moon In Leo

Leo is ruled by the Sun, who is the Moon’s best friend, so Leo will be the Moon’s friend. Due to Moon in Leo, the face of the person is big and the chin is thick. A person’s body becomes strong. The native is polite, likes to travel abroad, has a steady mind, and is honest. The native is the mother’s lover, and scholar, strives for a high position, and has differences with women. The native may have stomach and dental diseases. The person wishes for charity. Read more about Moon In Leo

Moon In Virgo

The lord of Virgo is Mercury. Mercury has a sense of enmity with Moon, but Moon has a sense of friendship with Mercury. Hence, Virgo will be an even sign for Moon. Due to the position of Moon in Virgo, the person has an advanced body, fair complexion, and is handsome. The person is a knower of much knowledge, clever, gentleman, and a doer of virtuous deeds. Such a person is lucky, pleases women, and gets happiness through women. The person is sweet-spoken and virtuous. The person is of scholarly and patient nature. Read more about Moon In Virgo

Moon In Libra

The lord of Libra is Venus. The position of the Moon is considered auspicious for Libra. Due to the position of the Moon in Libra, the person’s body is tall. The person is clever, indulgent, religious, and intelligent. The native is a Brahmin devotee and food giver. The person becomes rich. and owns several properties. The person also spends his money for charity and for the benefit of others. The person becomes happy and prosperous. The native is interested in the works of social organizations. Read more about Moon In Libra

Moon In Scorpio

The lord of Scorpio is Mars. Moon in Scorpio gives inauspicious results up to 3 degrees. Due to the effect of the Moon in Scorpio, the person becomes evil, discordant, restless, and weak. The person who is defamed, and dependent is treacherous and disgruntled. A person who consumes drugs is a sex addict. The native is interested in religion. Read more about Moon In Scorpio

Moon In Sagittarius

Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius, which is a friend of the Moon, so Moon in Sagittarius will be of friendly sign, and due to its influence, the person will have a beautiful and well-built body. The native is strong, wealthy, forthright, and honest. The person is a knower of many arts, has a clean character, is thrifty, and makes a fortune with self-power. The person gets royal respect. Read more about Moon In Sagittarius

Moon In Capricorn

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. Saturn has a sense of equality with the Moon. That’s why Capricorn is an even sign of the Moon. Due to the influence of the Moon in Capricorn, the person is a musician, sensual, and performs his religion and rituals of his family in the best way. The person also remains worried. The person is famous and faithful towards religion. Jatak is a poet. He is also grumpy and greedy. Read more about Moon In Capricorn

Moon In Aquarius

Saturn is the lord of Aquarius. Aquarius is the equinox of the Moon. Due to the position of the Moon in Aquarius, the person is the owner of a weak body. The person is of lazy tendency. The native is a follower of the father and lives in the company of the wicked. Such a person is very lustful, eats sad sweets, and is a member of a secret society. Read more about Moon In Aquarius

Moon In Pisces

The lord of Pisces is Jupiter. The position of the Moon is considered auspicious for Pisces. Due to the position of the Moon in Pisces, the person has a beautiful body and a happy mind. The person is virtuous, Jitendriya, and spends money on auspicious works. The person is of scientific and religious nature. Read more about Moon In Pisces

Wrapping Up

The influence of the Moon in the zodiac is also important and it has a deep impact on a person’s life. Moon is considered a symbol of emotions, sentimentality, attitude, and conscience. The effect of the Moon is based on the person’s birth sign and horoscope. Moon makes a person emotional and influences his feelings. It affects a person’s mental state, emotional health, and inner happiness. Moon’s influence reveals the idealistic and sensitive nature of a person. It plays an important role in one’s family and home affairs. Moon gives a person the capacity for restraint, empathy, and intimacy. If you want to know about the effect of Moon transit on a person then you should talk to astrology.

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