Moola Nakshatra Traits, Planet, Direction, Mantra and Gemstone

December 22, 2023

The lord of Moola Nakshatra is Ketu. It is situated in the galactic center of our universe. The symbol of Moola Nakshatra is a Root or Aadhar or a tied bunch of roots. Since the roots are not visible and hidden inside, they symbolize the deep desires or samskaras hidden in one’s subconscious mind. Its tied roots represent bondage as well as slavery of the mind. It also symbolizes the beginning or beginning. 

People with Moola Nakshatra will be interested in research and learning new things. They will have an inquisitive mindset and will be able to probe deeply into the root cause of any problem. Moola Nakshatra people are hardworking and very goal-oriented people. Generally, they will be good-looking with a charming personality.

They will be proud of themselves and love to live a happy life. They will be very loyal and religious-minded. They will be purposeful in any work and will be called efficient. They will be adventurous and like to explore new ideas. They carry optimism and a happy attitude wherever they go. These individuals will follow strict principles in life and will not deviate at any cost.

Moola Nakshatra Traits

Here an aggressive and hostile mind takes over the emotions and sensations. They will be highly ambitious and will want to achieve everything in a short period. They will be well-built, protect the family, strong, educated. Most of the time they run after material prosperity. Often his father would be going through some health problems.

People in the second phase will be famous in their field and will enjoy life. Does good deeds and protects the family. There can never be too many problems for wealth and prosperity. But there may be some problems regarding marriage and the mother will have some health-related problems.

These people will be wealthy, learned, and have good oratory skills and good conduct. May be interested in writing etc. Will be extremely emotional and may even do some immoral acts.

They look beautiful and like fashion items. They can be very secretive by nature. They may like to gossip about others and create disputes with others.

Moola Nakshatra Planet

The ruling planet or ruling planet of the Moola Nakshatra is Ketu, which gives the people of this Nakshatra an extremely intense nature as well as a mysterious side. They have a keen interest and curiosity to discover the invisible and unknown, which gives them a strong inclination towards hidden knowledge, occult studies, astrology, and exploration. 

Moola Nakshatra Direction

The main direction of Moola Nakshatra is considered to be west.

Moola Nakshatra Mantra

Om Matevputram Prithvi Purishyamagni Gavn Swayonavbharusha Taan
Vishvedaivamtubhih Sanvidan Prajapati Vishwakarma Vimuntha.
Om Nityaye Namah.

Nakshatra Devata Mantra– Om Nityaye Namah.
Nakshatra Name Mantra– Om Mulay Namah.

ॐ मतेव्पुत्रं पृथ्वी पुरीष्यामग्नि गावं स्वयोनवभरूषा तां
विश्वेदैवन्तुभिः संविधानं प्रजापति विश्वकर्मा विमुन्था।
ॐ नित्याय नमः।

नक्षत्र देवता नाम मंत्र– ॐ नित्याय नमः।
नक्षत्र नाम मंत्र– ॐ मूलाय नमः।

Moola Nakshatra Deity

The deity associated with Moola Nakshatra is  Niriti, the goddess of destruction. It is said that she lives in the kingdom of the dead. The energy used here is mainly to break things. On the negative side, these people may view others negatively. They may not hesitate to use others for personal gain. They will cleverly get their work done by others. They will also be very stubborn and arrogant in their outlook. They will be very firm about their decisions. They can harbor the bitterness of others for a long time which creates a destructive and agitated mind for them.

Moola Nakshatra Gemstone

A gemstone for Moola Nakshatra is the Lehsunia gemstone. You realize that no plant can grow without the help of its roots. Every event, no matter how big or small, is connected to its root.

Wrapping Up

Mool means root or base. As we know no plant can grow without its roots, similarly, every incident or development happening in the world is linked to some reason or the other at its origin. Thus, Moola Nakshatra has a strong inclination towards research and discovery. Just as the roots of plants are not visible, similarly this constellation indicates deeply buried or hidden aspects of a person’s life. If you want to know more about Moola Nakshatra then you can consult Online Astrology Consultation.

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