Mercury Mahadasha – Budh Mahadasha

September 21, 2023

The planet Mercury is associated with Lord Buddha, who represents the path to enlightenment, knowledge, and inspiration. The journey of 17 years under the influence of Mercury is known as Mercury Mahadasha. This is also called Mercury dasha. This planetary period of Mercury brings the effect of Mercury’s dasha on the natives. These effects are considered either good or slightly bad. Overall, it is a pleasant surprise that Mercury is a friendly planet and the line of control is the only concern for one’s life. But its other advantages are huge as you are reading below.

Mercury mainly enables a person to master the art of animal husbandry. Hence, listening ability, writing skills, strong communication, and managerial expertise are improved. Apart from this, your analytical skills also get enriched. Progress and advancement are seen in every sphere of a person’s life.

Also, the kids and students are greatly benefited in terms of student performance and curriculum. A person is not focused on any one thing and wishes to pursue more than one interest at a time. If one wants to gain quick knowledge of political and business studies, he does so under the strong shadow of Mercury.

Budh Dasha Period

The period of Mahadasha lasts for 17 years and during this period an increase in the mental power of the natives is observed. However, the position, degree, and Antardasha of other planets also have a relevant effect on the Mahadasha of Budh.

Mercury as a planet is indicative of intelligence, mental skill, acumen, knowledge, research knowledge, etc. During the Mahadasha of Mercury, the native excels in areas that require the use of intelligence.

Mercury Vimshottari Dasha

Mercury is an auspicious planet and its Vimshottari Mahadasha gives auspicious results. Mercury is a fast-moving planet and it has been observed that Mercury shows affliction sooner than other planets.

Therefore, during the ruling period of Mercury, you will excel in any field that requires intelligence. This makes a person’s memory very sharp.

If Mercury is inauspicious and afflicted at the same time, then the above results will change and can also be negative. It gives results according to its strength and position in your birth chart.

If the mahadasha of auspicious Rahu is exalted or the mahadasha of auspicious Mercury, then the person acquires the best education. Get success in competitive exams. The mind of the person becomes stable and the intellect becomes virtuous. Sympathy with your friends and family members increases, many sources of income are created, due to which the economic condition becomes strong. If there is an exalted sign of Mercury, then one gets a high position in the government service. Money is benefited from writing and upper class people. In the subspecies of inauspicious Mercury, the person suffers a lot, gets failure in every work, there is neither progress nor degradation in the job. Rajkop has to be a part of. The creation of pornography gives defamation. The person makes untrue speech, slanderer of God-Guru, evil mind, losses his fortune by his misdeeds. Skin diseases, arthritis, boils etc. cause pain.

Result of Antardasha of various planets in Mahadasha of Mercury: Mahadasha of Mercury lasts for 17 years. Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo and is considered exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Pisces. Mercury is considered the lord of the north direction. Mercury affects any person’s speech ie style of speaking, it is considered as the planet of intelligence, communication, reasoning power, ability to make quick decisions, mathematical ability and business.

All the green things present in the universe are under the influence of Mercury, Mercury is a degenerate planet. Business, sister, aunt, mathematics, astrology, accounts etc. are also known from Mercury. Mercury is the lord of Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati Nakshatra. Mercury gives success in the field of dialogue and communication. When Mercury is such an important planet, then let us know the result of inter-period of various planets in the Mahadasha of Mercury (Budh ki Mahadasha).

Mercury Mahadasha Effect

Positive Effects of Mercury Mahadasha

During the Mercury Mahadasha time period, if the ruling planet Mercury is positioned in the right order in the zodiac sign of the native. Therefore, the effect of Mercury’s Dasha is positive. It means all your wishes and everything that gives you peace and happiness. is completed during this period.

It gives you lots of communication opportunities to network and communicate in your life. You are unable to decide about the business company and you can opt out of that identity. Through the ability to speak your mind through Nivea and plan your way through life, you have been able to create a very optimistic lifestyle for yourself. This means you don’t have to struggle so hard to get those fabulous products you’ve always wanted. So in this mahadasha you have a few more traits than other zodiac signs.

This period also pulls you towards studies i.e. you are able to complete your education and get your grades on time. Also, your science is strong Florence. Overall, the Mahadasha of Mercury in your favor does wonders in terms of growth and wealth accumulation.

Negative Effects of Mercury Mahadasha

In such a situation, your communication skills are compromised and you are facing the sensibility of the brain under the negative influence of Mercury Mahadasha. This happens when the position of Mercury, the lord of your horoscope, is wrong or bad. Since Mercury is strong in some of the most important houses and is responsible for a major part of your happiness. There is a need to keep a better eye on its combination. It can bring all those side effects of allergies that you are happily used to.

Mercury is not suitable for water projection and water housing as it promotes logic and intellect and promotes practicality. But this friendship remains in water investment and home. It conflicts between normal and logical judgments. Due to this Brahma is born in the life of the person. Emotions weigh on credibility.

A wrong decision taken in friendship and understanding can harm Anmol. The native loses his charm and intelligence. They forget their intelligence and knowledge. Their mental strength gets crippled because they cannot perform and people do not understand them. She has simple and charming character posts and is introverted and rarely speaks a word. This is surprising because they were once the most talkative. As a result of setbacks and lack of autonomic goodness, life and health (mostly skin-related problems) suffer.

Budh Mahadasha Remedies

To reduce the negative effect of Mahadasha on Mercury, its effect can be reduced by taking some measures. Some of the remedies for Mercury Mahadasha are given below:

  • Should worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna and Lord Rama

  • Chant Budh Beej Mantra 17000 times with a rosary within a period of 40 days – Om Bran Brin Bron sah Budhaye Namah

  • Respect your maternal uncles and try to serve them

  • Donate whole moong dal, green vegetables, and green cloth on Wednesday.

  • Worship Lord Vishnu, especially on auspicious days

  • Wear emerald or tourmaline gemstone (take guidance from an astrologer before buying it)

Wrapping Up

Mercury is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The period up to the age of 17 is a period full of wisdom, intelligence, and strong abilities to gain control over particular areas and opportunities. If efforts are made to achieve success in the mentioned areas, then success is definitely achieved. This is also a very good time for the students. All gains and success come when Mercury is in a good position in one’s horoscope. If not, it creates troubles and obstacles in many aspects of one’s life – career suffers, health problems related to skin and linguistic issues are likely and success becomes a distant dream. You should read further to get more information about Budh Dasha. Also, if you are troubled by your current Mahadasha. So let’s talk to our experienced astrologer at astrology phone consultations.

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