Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra – Mercury in Ardra

January 16, 2024

Mercury is the lord of Gemini (the zodiac sign of Ardra). Hence Mercury is strong here. People with Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra are very intelligent. They can synthesize thoughts and their life experiences and come to rational conclusions to understand their struggles. This is why when they experience a devastating event they like to get to the root cause. Unlike the previous Nakshatra Mrigashira in which the mind (Moon) and intellect (Mercury) move freely. A person with Mercury in Ardra can understand ideas and concepts from their experiences. They also have a good memory respond quickly and adapt to changing circumstances.

These individuals have clever and witty speech and naturally have a knack for starting and keeping conversations going. They may joke sarcastically about their changes. On the other hand, they love to travel, especially to places where natural phenomena occur. For example, locations, where hurricanes, storms, volcanoes, and tornadoes occur, are ideal. On the other hand, these people often tell others about their changes. Also, when they are talking, they may suddenly say things that will make no sense to other people.

Mercury is the lord of the original third house which represents the hands and shoulders and is related to Ardra change. Therefore, people may have marks or tattoos on their hands or shoulders due to Mercury in Ardra. On the other hand, Mercury is the significator of friends; Therefore, friends may bring changes or disappointments in their lives. Still, they may have very few friends because they are naturally solitary.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra is Good or Bad 

First of all, Mercury is in its sign. Therefore, Mercury is in good dignity at the zodiac level. Due to Rahu’s dominance over Ardra, Rahu will have an inauspicious effect on Mercury. Since Mercury is about communication and Arda is about upheaval and chaotic events, these people can become mentors to those who are going through turmoil in their lives. Now to advise someone in such matters, that person must have some experience of the same turmoil. Hence, this situation can also bring turmoil in the person’s own life, especially if Mercury is the dominant planet of relationships for him. It may also inspire someone to communicate about chaotic events. Therefore, it can easily make someone a reporter of crimes and investigations. Since weapons and violence are part of Ardra’s story, they could easily be arms dealers, etc. Positively, they may be interested in learning many different foreign languages including computer and technical languages. These people can work very well in travel-related work, especially on foreign trips. Since Ardra is also closely associated with health care, especially mental health care, these people can also be good psychologists.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra Pada 1

In this Pada, one who knows astrology has wealth and grandeur, gets respect in society, is skilled in all tasks, has knowledge of astrology, and also has knowledge of Vedas and scriptures. Menstruate at selling to Gentiles but do not know how to do foreign business. The astrologer maintains more than one romantic relationship.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra Pada 2

In this Pada, the person is opposed to society and religion, supports wrong people, is accomplished in all tasks, speaks a lot, has a sweet voice, is a good astrologer, and enjoys the happiness of a son and a saint.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra Pada 3

In this Pada, the person has great qualities. If the person is in this phase then he gets very good results in his life like – the person is rich, has a good family, and is the birthplace of a good person.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra Pada 4

In this Pada, the person is prosperous and has a good image in the society. By spending less, the person will be able to get good results in his life and will be able to accumulate a good amount of money. Caste brings many benefits. One who keeps company with good friends has good conduct and a clean heart. In this phase, the person also gets the results of the first Pada.

Wrapping Up

Ardra is the constellation of change, upheaval, and chaotic events. This may be most closely related to accidents and emergencies. Ardra is part of the Gemini zodiac sign, so the Gemini zodiac sign and its representation become important here. It is a signal related to communication and business ideas. Gemini is divided into two and a half constellations Mrigashira, Ardra, and Punarvasu. If you want to know more about the effect of Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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