Mars in Rohini Nakshatra – Mars in Rohini

January 5, 2024

Mars in Rohini The energy of Rohini influences passion, drive, exertion of energy, siblings, and real estate. Mars is a friend of Rohini’s ruling planet (Moon); However, Mars is in an enemy sign (Taurus); Therefore, there may be mixed results here.

Due to Mars in Rohini Nakshatra, people are fond of art, music, and luxury items and live the best materialistic life on earth. These individuals are passionate and motivated to earn money and accumulate resources. However, Mars is an inauspicious planet, and brings war to whatever house it is situated in; Therefore, family disputes may occur. Mars is also related to cuts and blemishes and the second house represents the face; Therefore, these natives may suffer cuts or injuries on their faces.

Mars represents siblings (siblings): Hence, Mars in Rohini indicates that one of your siblings may be a favorite. However, if Mars is your Atmakaraka, Lagna lord, or Mars is situated in your first house. You may be favored by people or a special person. However, favoritism may lead to jealousy among siblings.

Mars is related to activity and the Moon (Rohini lord planet) is mind: Therefore, Mars in Rohini causes people to have very active minds that rarely rest. Often their mental energy is focused on money, resources, family, and singing music interests.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra is good or bad  

If Mars is in Rohini Nakshatra then such people can be seen as independent birds. People who just want to live their life in their own way and do not want any kind of interference. This is because Mars represents our actions, efforts, and energy, and Rohini represents independent people who are moving forward all the time as its symbol is the chariot and charioteer. So, Mars in Rohini would actually mean someone who just wants to drive his chariot. They will not like interference, dominance, and control of others and will act as per their own will. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the person takes responsibility for his actions, especially wrong ones.

Mars is in a neutral position in Taurus, so it will depend on other factors whether the person will have the courage to take responsibility for his failures and learn from his failures. It is always better for them to work in their own business setup as working under others in a job setup may not be their cup of tea. Since Rohini is a nakshatra related to sexual activities and Mars also represents our energy and actions, they may have high sexual desire. They can put their energy and efforts into creative activities and it will be better for them to have their own business in creative activities also. Overall, this can be a good situation for creative activities but their stubborn behavior of being independent birds can lead to their downfall. They have to learn to value the opinions/suggestions of others in their life and learn from their mistakes not to repeat them.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra Pada 1

In this Pada, the person is a lover of musical instruments and a singer. The musician is affected by the disease of coincidence.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra Pada 2

If there is a union of Mars and Sun in this Pada, then in such a situation there is a soldier or a high-ranking officer in the army. They sometimes make very wrong decisions in life. The reason for this is the union of Mercury and Rahu.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra Pada 3

In this Pada, the person likes solitude, is clever, is respected in society, is a scholar, is disappointed by the death of a saint or a scholar, and is sad on behalf of the female person.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra Pada 4

In this Pada, despite the effect of astrological dryness due to the influence of Mars, the person still suffers losses due to alcohol, gambling, and affair with women. If there is a caste certificate officer then he will earn money illegally. The details of octroi etc. at the builder’s border are there to bring the goods without theft.

Wrapping Up

Rohini Nakshatra is the constellation of growing, moving forward, and being ambitious. This is the constellation of businessmen. Due to its connection with mythology, it is also a constellation associated with sexuality. Rohini is part of Taurus, so the Taurus sign and its representation become important here. Overall a sign associated with luxury and all the comforts of life. Taurus is made up of two and a half constellations, namely Krittika, Rohini, and Mrigashira. If you want to know more about Rohini Nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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