Jupiter Mahadasha – Guru Mahadasha

September 21, 2023

Jupiter is a benefic planet by its very nature. It is auspicious and auspicious and increases the scope of success and happiness in various aspects. The Mahadasha of Jupiter lasts for 16 years and can indeed turn out to be one of the most auspicious periods of one’s life. However, the degree, influence, and position of planets in one’s horoscope influence the benefic or bad effects that may occur during the sixteenth year of Jupiter Mahadasha.

There are strong possibilities of getting involved in spiritual and religious things. Extravagance is certain in whatever you get or whatever you do during the Mahadasha of Jupiter in the horoscope. You may get involved in activities leading to higher education or see linear career growth. It is said that whatever hard work you have done, you will get all the results of it in this Mahadasha.

Guru Mahadasha, also known as Jupiter Mahadasha, lasts for 16 years and brings good fortune and wisdom. There are high chances that during this Mahadasha you will experience a very easy and smooth life with minimum obstacles. Property and wealth accumulation is one of the benefits of the right placement of Jupiter in your life; Otherwise, all the gains can be flipped to make you feel miserable.

There are many opportunities to do spiritual and religious work. Whatever you get or do during the Mahadasha of Jupiter in the horoscope will be a big deal. You can do such work which will help you to learn a lot or your career can move in a straight line. It is said that you will get all the fruits of your hard work in this Mahadasha.

You will be financially stable, gain good social standing, and grow both spiritually and intellectually. There are plenty of opportunities to do well in school, business or career. All kinds of good things will happen in your life during the Mahadasha of this lucky planet.

Guru Dasha Period

Guru Mahadasha Period lasts for 16 years and bestows good luck and wisdom in your life. There is a strong possibility that during this Mahadasha you will experience a very smooth and effortless life with the least amount of obstacles.

Jupiter Vimshottari Dasha

The Mahadasha of Jupiter is one of the most beneficial Mahadashas of life. Sooner or later you will come under the influence of Vimshottari Jupiter Mahadasha. This phase of Jupiter is equally called Guru Mahadasha which lasts for 16 years as per the Vimshottari system of time reckoning.

Jupiter being an auspicious planet gives auspicious results. In this blog post on Jupiter, I am going to explain the positive and negative effects of the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter Mahadasha Effect

Positive Effects of Guru Mahadasha

The planet Jupiter has a very positive effect on a person’s life. As we have already told. The period of Guru Dasha is one of the most enjoyable and auspicious periods in a person’s life. Let us now take a look at those positive effects. Mahadasha of Jupiter in the horoscope or when the Mahadasha of Jupiter runs in a person’s horoscope. These effects are as follows:

  • This is one of the positive effects of the first Mahadasha going on in a person’s life. This will bring a lot of wealth into your life.

  • Will be very good as an artist too. The Mahadasha period of Jupiter is known as such a time. During this, the person is blessed with good marks.

  • Apart from this, the people of Jupiter’s mahadasha will also get success in taking decisions in the matter of law and justice. If there is a case against the astrologer. Therefore, there is a possibility of good fortune for the natives during this Mahadasha period.

  • A new desire to gain knowledge about miracles and spirituality will arise in the natives. Apart from this, he will also have a spiritual inclination during this period.

  • Native is more mature and scholarly. This change is visible to his co-workers.

  • For example, Jupiter is considered the planet of knowledge and wisdom. The native is blessed with good intelligence and knowledge during Jupiter and Jupiter’s Mahadasha period.

  • The person becomes very famous. They can be very popular among their co-workers and social groups.

  • The native also gets a lot of respect during Guru Dasha. The main reason for this would be the employment provided by them. Such a person is the most respected person in his social group.

  • Jupiter’s Mahadasha in the horoscope tells how dear the nature of the natives will be.

  • The decision of the native proves to be very fortunate during the ongoing Mahadasha of Jupiter.

  • Natives are also very honest by nature.

  • Truthfulness is such a thing that is closest to the person. Due to this quality of his, his co-workers respect and love him a lot.

Negative Effects of Guru Mahadasha

We have already taken a look at the positive impact experienced by a person during the ongoing period of Bhukti or Guru Dasha in Jupiter Dasha. Let us now take a look at those negative effects. The effect of which falls on a person’s life during the running dasha of the planet Jupiter. These effects are as follows:

  • Natives may also have to lose their prestige in society.

  • Apart from this, the planet Jupiter has another bad and negative effect. May all your friends and well-wishers be cured of this. The native sometimes feels that he is all alone.

  • Natives can also experience competition along with health. Any problem always remains for these people. There is also a possibility that the native will suffer from some major or life-long problem.

  • Along with this, the people who are under the influence of Jupiter are also in danger. A person has a lot of trouble getting a job and even when a job is available. So it will be even more difficult for him to maintain it.

  • The members of the native will also suffer and their concentration level will also remain low for a long time. Because their mind keeps them stable.

  • Astrologers are losing interest in matters related to spirituality. It will move away from the direction of religious faith and turn towards supernatural and esoteric teachings.

  • There may be a delay in the birth of a child and may also have to face opponents.

  • The native also has to face many wonderful stories in his life. Except that everything is going wrong with them and nothing is going right for them.

Guru Mahadasha Remedies

To reduce the negative effect of Jupiter’s Mahadasha, its effect can be reduced by taking some measures. Some of the remedies for Guru Mahadasha are given below:

  • Lord Shiva, Jupiter, the Banana tree, and Lord Vishnu should be worshipped.

  • Chant Guru Beej Mantra 16000 times with a rosary within a period of 40 days – Om Grand Green Grand Sah Gurve Namah.

  • Donate saffron or turmeric, gram dal, and yellow cloth to poor or deprived people on Thursday.

  • Fast on Thursday and reduce the intake of salt on the day of fasting.

  • Worship Rudrabhishek

  • Wear Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Topaz Gemstone (take guidance from an astrologer before buying it)

Wrapping Up

Jupiter is a kind and benevolent planet and its effect increases in the Mahadasha of 16 years. The period of Mahadasha of Jupiter is full of immense success, happiness, prosperity, good fortune, and gaiety. Jupiter in a bad position creates many problems ranging from health problems to bad luck. The remedies suggested above ensure that the inauspicious results are reduced and eliminated and the general confusion during Jupiter Mahadasha is maintained. This proves to be an auspicious period of 16 years and the native is blessed with success, wealth, and fame in all aspects of life. If you want to know more about Jupiter Mahadasha then you can get information by taking an astrology phone consultations.

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