Guruwar Ka Vrat – Thursday Fasting

November 9, 2023

Guruwar (Thursday) is dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu and Dev Guru Brihaspati. On this day people keep fast and worship ritually. Those who observe fast on Thursday must follow these rules of fasting. In the Hindu religion, every day is dedicated to some deity, Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Tuesday to Hanuman ji, and Wednesday to Ganesh ji. Similarly, there is a tradition of worshiping Lord Shri Hari Vishnu on Thursday. Fast on Thursday is considered very fruitful. It is believed that by worshiping Lord Vishnu and fasting on this day, God becomes pleased and shows blessings to the devotees. It is believed that fasting on Thursday and listening to the story brings happiness and prosperity to the family. It is said in the scriptures that if the rules are not followed on the day of fasting, Lord Shri Hari Vishnu becomes angry.

Thursday Vrat Katha

It is a matter of ancient times. There lived a big businessman in the city. He used to load goods in ships and send them to other countries. Just as he earned more money, he also donated generously, but his wife was very stingy. She did not allow anyone to give even a single penny.>

Once when Seth went to another country for business, Brihaspatidev, disguised as a saint, asked for alms from his wife. The merchant’s wife said to Brihaspatidev, O Sadhu Maharaj, I am fed up with this charity and virtue. Please suggest some solution by which all my money can be destroyed and I can live comfortably. I can’t see this money being looted.

Brihaspatidev said, O Goddess, you are very strange, no one becomes unhappy with children and wealth. If you have excess money, then invest it in auspicious works, get unmarried girls married, and build schools and gardens. By doing such virtuous deeds, your life and afterlife can become meaningful, but these words of the sage did not make the merchant’s wife happy. He said that I do not need much money which I can donate.

Then Brihaspatidev said, ‘If you have such a wish then you should find a solution. On seven Thursdays, smear the house with cow dung, wash your hair with yellow soil, take a bath while washing your hair, ask a businessman to shave, eat meat and liquor, and wash clothes at home. By doing this all your money will be destroyed. Saying this, Brihaspatidev disappeared.

The merchant’s wife decided to do the same for seven Thursdays as told by Brihaspati Dev. Only three Thursdays had passed when all her wealth was destroyed and she passed away. When the businessman came back he saw that everything he owned had been destroyed. The businessman consoled his daughter and settled in another city cut wood from the forest there and sold it in the city. This is how he started living his life.

One day his daughter expressed her desire to eat curd but the businessman did not have money to buy curd. After giving assurance to his daughter, he went into the forest to cut wood. There, sitting under a tree, he started crying thinking about his previous condition. That day was Thursday. Then Brihaspati Dev came to Seth in the form of a sage and said, ‘O man, why are you sitting in this forest worried?’

Then the businessman said, ‘O Maharaj, you know everything.’ Having said this, the businessman started crying after telling his story. Brihaspati Dev said, ‘Look, son, your wife had insulted Brihaspati Dev, that is why you have got into this condition, but now don’t worry about anything. You should recite Brihaspati Dev on Thursday. Take gram and jaggery worth two paise each, add sugar to a pot of water, and distribute the nectar and prasad among your family members and those who listen to the story. Take Prasad and Charanamrit yourself. God will definitely bless you.

After listening to the monk, the businessman said, ‘Maharaj. I don’t even have enough left to give curd to my daughter. On this, Sadhu ji said, ‘You go to sell wood in the city, you will get four times the price of wood than before, due to which all your work will be accomplished.’

He cut wood and went to the city to sell. His wood was sold at a good price due to which he bought curd for his daughter and took gram and jaggery for Thursday’s story and also distributed the Prasad and ate it himself. From that very day all his difficulties started going away, but the next Thursday he forgot to recite the story.

The next day the king there organized a big yajna and organized a feast for the people of the entire city. As per the king’s orders, the whole city went to the king’s palace for a feast. But the merchant and his daughter arrived a little late, so the king took them both to the palace and fed them. When both of them returned, the queen noticed that her necklace hanging on the peg was missing.

The queen suspected the merchant and his daughter that both of them had stolen her necklace. On the orders of the king, both of them were imprisoned in the prison cell. Both of them became extremely sad after being imprisoned. There he remembered Lord Jupiter. Lord Brihaspati appeared and made the businessman realize his mistake and advised him to get two paisa at the door of the prison on Thursday, get gram and dry grapes from him, and worship Lord Jupiter in the prescribed manner. All your sorrows will go away.

On Thursday, he found two paisa at the gate of the prison. A woman was walking outside on the road. The trader called him and asked him to bring jaggery and gram. On this, the woman said, ‘I am going to buy jewelry for my daughter-in-law, I do not have time.’ Saying this she went away. After some time, another woman came out from there, the businessman called her and said, “O sister, I have to tell the story of Thursday.” You bring me jaggery and gram worth two paise.

Hearing the name of Brihaspati Dev, the woman said, ‘Brother, I will bring you jaggery and gram right away. My only son has died, I was going to get a shroud for him but I will do your work first and then bring a shroud for my son.

The woman brought jaggery and gram for the merchant from the market and heard the story of Brihaspati Dev. After the story ended, the woman took the shroud to her home. At home, people were preparing to take his son’s body to the crematorium chanting ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’. The woman said, ‘Let me see your son’s face.’ Seeing the face of her son, the woman put Prasad and Charanamrit in his mouth. With the influence of Prasad and Charanamrit, he came back to life.

The first woman who had disrespected Brihaspati Dev returned with jewelry for her son’s bride for her marriage and as soon as her son came out sitting on the mare, the mare jumped in such a way that he fell from the mare and died. Seeing this the woman started crying and begging forgiveness from Brihaspati Dev.

Due to the request of that woman, Brihaspati Dev reached there in the guise of a sage and started saying, ‘Devi. You don’t need to moan anymore. This happened due to disrespect to Lord Jupiter. You go back and ask for forgiveness from my devotee and listen to the story, only then your wish will be fulfilled.

The woman went to jail and apologized to the businessman and listened to the story. After the story, she went back to her home with Prasad and Charanamrit. After coming home, he poured Charanamrit into the mouth of his dead son. Due to the effect of Charanamrit, his son also came alive. The same night, Brihaspati Dev came in the king’s dream and said, ‘O king. The businessman and his daughter whom you have imprisoned are absolutely innocent. Your queen’s necklace is hanging on the peg there.

When the day came, the king and queen saw the necklace hanging on the peg. The king released the businessman and his daughter and gave them half of the kingdom got his daughter married to a high family and gave them diamonds and jewels as dowry.

Thursday Fast Rules

If you are going to keep fast on Thursday for the first time, then you should choose the Thursday on which Pushya Nakshatra occurs. If this is not possible then you can start this fast from the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Keep in mind that whenever you are going to start the fast, it should not be during the month of Pausha.

If you worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday, then do not consume bananas on that day. According to the Hindu religion, Lord Shri Hari Vishnu is considered to reside in the banana tree, hence offering water to the banana tree on Thursday. Worship him with proper rituals. If possible, one should avoid consuming urad dal and rice on Thursday.

At the same time, it is believed that beard, hair, and nails should not be cut on Thursday. Along with this, washing clothes and washing hair, etc. is also prohibited on this day.

Try to wear yellow clothes during puja. Yellow fruits and yellow flowers are very dear to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu and Guru Brihaspati, hence offer these things during the puja.

Just as fast is observed on 16 Mondays, similarly fast is observed on 16 Thursdays also.

It is believed that after worshiping Lord Vishnu on Thursday, jaggery, yellow cloth, gram pulses, and bananas should be offered to God and donated to the poor. It is said that this keeps the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

According to religious texts, millions of gods and goddesses reside in cows. Feeding roti and jaggery to a cow on Thursday removes all troubles and brings happiness in life.

Thursday Fast For Unmarried Girl

Thursday is dedicated to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. It is considered auspicious to worship Lord Vishnu as per the rituals on this day. According to astrology, if Jupiter is not strong in the horoscope of the person and he is facing many obstacles in marriage, then fasting on Thursday can prove to be very beneficial. Along with this, astrologers advise unmarried girls to keep fast on Thursday. It is believed that by observing fast on Thursday a person gets rid of all the problems. With this, the planet Jupiter becomes stronger in the horoscope.

Thursday Fast Benefits

Thursday fast is very fruitful. Lord Jupiter is pleased by fasting on Thursday and reading this story. By starting the fast from the Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra and fasting for 7 Thursdays, one gets relief from all the sufferings of the planet Jupiter. By observing the fast on Thursday with full devotion, the person gets eliminated from the evil influence of Jupiter and receives the blessings of Guru. By fasting on these days, a person attains all the happiness.

Thursday Fast Rituals

To get the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Jupiter, one should fast for 16 consecutive Thursdays and break the fast on the 17th Thursday. Women cannot keep fast due to menstruation. Apart from this, the Thursday fast can be observed for 1,3,5,7, and 9 years or even for life.

According to astrologers, it is considered auspicious to start a Thursday fast from the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month except Paush month.

How to Start Thursday Fast

  • On Thursday, wake up early in the morning do your daily routine, and take a bath.
  • After this, pay obeisance to Lord Shri Hari Vishnu by placing the idol or photo of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu in the puja house or under the banana tree.
  • Offer a new small yellow cloth to God.
  • Take a pledge to fast with rice and holy water in your hand.
  • Put water and turmeric in a tumbler and keep it at the place of worship.
  • Offer jaggery and washed gram pulses to God.
  • Read the story of Thursday fast.
  • Perform puja and aarti.
  • Salute God and pour turmeric water into the roots of the banana or any other plant.

Wrapping Up

Devotees of the Hindu religion worship Lord Budhadev on Wednesday (Budhwar) to seek his gracious blessings through the popular fast Budhwar Vrat. As per the guidelines of the Puranas, Hindus observe fast on this day and observe this auspicious ritual for 21 consecutive Wednesdays to get fruitful results. To know more about how to observe Guruwar Ka Vrat, take an online astrology phone consultation.

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