Effects of Weak Sun in Astrology

September 15, 2023

Every planet has its special significance in Vedic astrology. Also, every planet has its impact on human life. Here we will talk about the planet Sun, which is called the king of planets Sun in astrology. Also, the planet Sun represents the father in the birth chart. Whereas a woman’s horoscope, tells about her husband’s life.

In the field of job profession, Sun shows a high administrative position and respect in society. Along with this, it also represents the leader. Today we are going to tell you that if the planet Sun is weak in a person’s horoscope, then what problems does he face in life?

Weak Sun in Astrology

According to astrology, if the planet Sun is weak in a person’s horoscope, he has to face all kinds of problems in life. That particular person has to face great difficulties in important posts and all state-related work like justice, ambassador, head of state, etc., and business, etc. The family does not get along. There is a loss in business.

Symptoms of Weak Sun in Horoscope

Lack Of Will

If the Sun is weak in your horoscope, then there may be a lack of willpower and it may happen that you do not feel like doing any work. Due to a lack of willpower, people start getting failure in all their work and the work they do also gets spoiled while being made. In such a situation, if you are in studies, then you can fail in it or you do not get good marks in the job.

Lack Of Confidence

If you do any work and you are not sure whether it is right or wrong, then it can also be because of the weak Sun. Due to this, along with a decrease in your self-confidence, your self-esteem also starts decreasing.

Lack Of Effort

If you do not make much effort to do any work, then it can be a sign of a weak Sun position in your horoscope. In such a situation, you do not want to take the initiative of any new work because you are afraid of not being successful in it. The position of the weak Sun also indicates that even if you start any work, you leave it in the middle.

Lack Of Self-Reliance

If Sun is weak in the horoscope, then you will not be self-sufficient for any work. It may also happen that you need the advice of others on everything and even after that you are not able to take a decision.

A Hostile Relationship With The Father

The position of the weak Sun in the horoscope can spoil the relationship with your father. If you do not trust anything of Father and do not follow his instructions then it can also be the reason for the weak Sun. In this situation, you should take the advice of an astrologer, so that the position of the Sun can be strengthened.

Health Problems

If the position of the Sun is weak in the horoscope then you may have health problems without any reason. It may also happen that you have a disease that is difficult to diagnose and you are not able to treat it.

The sun will be weak, they will get defamation in the in-law’s house and there will be contempt. False allegations will be leveled against them.

Will never get support from his own family.

When the Sun is weak, planets like Shani, Rahu, and Ketu dominate, and any tantra mantra can be done on such a person and its effect lasts very quickly and for a long time.

Such people repeatedly become victims of conspiracies. The habit of stealing becomes ingrained.

Your close friend will talk to you with love and the purpose of his talking about these things will be only and only to create a conspiracy against you and get you to reveal your secrets, he will start doing evil to you as soon as you leave.

Surya is weak in Kundali

According to Vedic astrology, if the Sun is weak in Kundali, it gives rise to diseases related to the heart and eyes. When the Sun is weak, it can lead to a lack of success in various areas such as employment, business, and politics. In astrological belief, the Sun is often held responsible for this, particularly when it is positioned alongside Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope, resulting in a solar eclipse. As a consequence, the individual may experience a dearth of good fortune and support. At the same time, he continues to struggle throughout his life. Due to the suffering of the sun, the relationship with the father also remains bad. There is a disparity in the thoughts of father and son.

Wrapping Up

The Sun God is considered to be the giver of life, a symbol of soul and aliveness, illuminating the world. It is said that when Sun is weak or debilitated in a horoscope, a person is not able to achieve big things in life. If you want to know more about the Effects of a Weak Sun in Astrology, then Talk with Astrologer.

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