Effect Of Jupiter Mahadasha On Ascendent

September 12, 2023

According to astrology, the people who are influenced by Jupiter, they are influenced by nature and they are affected by it. Other toys are heavier and the hair and fur are brown or black. People affected by Jupiter are religious, faithful, philosophical, interested in science, and truthful.

Jupiter Mahadasha

Jupiter has a full vision on the fifth, seventh, and ninth houses in the horoscope. The house on which Jupiter’s vision falls, best results are obtained from that house, but the house in which this situation occurs, there is loss of that house. It is beneficial in Sagittarius and Pisces, in this situation, it gives special benefits to the house in which it is located and the house on which it looks. It is considered a hindrance for the people of Virgo and Gemini.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Aries Ascendent

The lord of Aries is Mars. Jupiter and Mars are natural friends, hence Aries will be a friend of Jupiter. Jupiter’s dasa in Aries is the reason for a person’s ability and progress. A person gets fame and fame only because of his qualities. He is generous, pious, wealthy, and acts thoughtfully. Moral, prudent, charitable, religious, and intelligent. Victory and success are achieved. At this time there is an excess of anger and ego in the form of a negative side. The cost can also be very high.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendent

The lord of Taurus is Venus. Guru is the teacher of the gods and Shukra is the teacher of the gods. On this basis, Jupiter and Venus are effective for each other, both are equally auspicious and superior planets. There is also a rivalry between the two. Therefore, the time of Jupiter’s Taurus Ascendant dasha is very influential. In this condition, the person is extremely generous, extremely intelligent, wealthy, old, and capable. He is victorious, just, and successful.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendent

The lord of Gemini is Mercury. Mercury has a favorable attitude toward Jupiter. Therefore, if Jupiter is situated in Gemini, then the person’s behavior is efficient and popular. A person gets wealth, and prestige and remains happy. The person is pious, honest, sweet, and dear. The nature of the person is stable, stable, and clever. The native has many friends and sons and his family is large. The person is skilled in caste policy and gains from business.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Cancer Ascendent

The lord of Cancer is Moon. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Both Jupiter and Moon are benign planets, so a person gets auspicious results when Jupiter is in Cancer. A person’s body is beautiful, full of qualities, sweet speech, skilled in writing, and a gentleman. The native is virtuous, wealthy, a connoisseur of scriptures, and has deep knowledge. You succeed in getting fame through your work.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Leo Ascendent

Sun is the lord of Leo. Sun and Jupiter are natural friends, hence the effect of Dasha of Jupiter is auspicious. The person in this dasha is clever, generous, and lucky. A personal high position is attained. He is just, benevolent and efficient. There is faith in religious deeds and the soul is pure. Enemies are conquered.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendent

The lord of Virgo is Mercury. Mercury has an equal house with Jupiter, the effect of Jupiter’s dasha is received by a person in a mixed form. In its place the person becomes learned, tolerant, and happy. He is fickle by personal nature and lives in luxury. There is a special interest in pictures. The person gets prestige. Such a person gets fame and profit in business.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Libra Ascendent

The lord of Libra is Venus. Guru is the teacher of the gods and Shukra is the teacher of the demons. On this basis, Guru and Venus are in opposite directions to each other. But both the planets are equally auspicious and superior, so the condition of Jupiter’s dasha effect also affects the combined effect. The person is intelligent and happy. The person’s body remains healthy.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Scorpio Ascendent

The lord of Scorpio is Mars. Mars and Jupiter are natural friends, so Jupiter’s condition is special for Scorpio, due to which the person becomes efficient. They are romantic, liberal, young, and scientific. By doing good deeds one gets wealth and happiness of wife and son. He is capable and charitable. One has to be more careful in terms of health.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Sagittarius Ascendent

The lord of the native of Sagittarius is Jupiter himself. The effect of Guru Dasha is favorable. Due to the auspicious effect of the Guru, a person becomes beautiful and attractive. In this situation, religion can be propagated and religious leaders can be made. A person gets a position and becomes rich. Hui and clever too. Philanthropic, pious, principled, and high thoughts prevail.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Capricorn Ascendent

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn Ascendent. Jupiter is an auspicious and good-natured planet while Saturn is a more vengeful planet. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, so due to this there is no auspicious effect in Dasha. Due to the influence of this dasha, there is progress in the person’s conversation. Happiness cannot be attained. The hardworking businessman has gone. There is difficulty in collecting money, lack of intelligence, and obstruction in work. Due to lack of concentration, work gets affected. Works for individual characteristics.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Aquarius Ascendent

Saturn is the lord of Aquarius. Jupiter is the auspicious and good-natured planet, both these effects are mixed influential planets. The effect of Jupiter’s Dasha in Kumbh Lagna creates economic benefits as well as health-related problems. Health can be bad. Serious in person but can be even more so in authority. Many types of shortcuts can also be adopted in the work.

Jupiter Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendent

The lord of Pisces is Jupiter himself. The effect of this dasha is known from individual principles. There is a feeling of kindness towards a special person. Personal behavior is efficient and intelligent. Calm and eventful by nature. Royal and high position is attained. Special interest can be taken in the study of literature, writing, and scriptures.

Wrapping Up

Jupiter’s Mahadasha is considered the most auspicious period of life. The planet Jupiter brings financial achievement, immense wealth, power, social status, knowledge, and spiritual growth. Here, I am going to explain the basic results of Jupiter’s Mahadasha ruling period. If you want to know more information about jupiter mahadasha, then you can get information by talk to astrologer.

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