Ashlesha Nakshatra Traits, Planet, Direction, Mantra and Gemstone

December 22, 2023

Ashlesha is a mysterious constellation. It is associated with Naga or Sarpa (snake) and symbolizes clinging, embracing, and holding on to the past. It may show some unfulfilled thirst or desires from the past that remain in the memory like the coils of a snake. People with Ashlesha Nakshatra can be unstable-minded and very calculating. 

These people may have intuitive powers. They will be highly critical of others and also suspicious. They will be well-educated and intelligent beings. They are courageous and generous by nature. These people can adjust to any situation as per their wish.

Their mindset will revolve around confusion, doubt, and deception. There will be inherent duplication and confusion in every case. People named Ashlesha are not able to express their feelings easily in front of others. Or even if they do so, they are not able to express it in the desired way. Therefore, it may be considered very secretive behavior to others. Therefore it will be difficult for them to find real friends.

People named Ashlesha are very romantic but they expect the same from their partners, otherwise, they behave indifferently. If they receive less attention than they expect from their partner, they may even go to the extent of doubting the partner. Generally, they will have a proper plan and goals in life. They will be highly emotional and will desire a high position in society. 

Ashlesha Nakshatra Traits

Ashlesha, by nature, represented by a serpent, is manipulative and tries to distort facts to serve her purpose. There is not a bone of selflessness in his body or soul, and everything has an ulterior motive. Sooner or later they get recognized for this behavior and it can be used as an advantage if they want to enter the field of politics, only to make corrupt politicians.

They cannot accept defeat, they will stick with you and try to keep you around, even if it makes you uncomfortable. They are not possessive, but they want to dominate all the time and will waste your time talking to you, especially if they know you have something important to do, they just want a sense of self-importance and narcissism. 

They are cunning and try to create situations that do not exist. They will try to change your perspective on things and show you what they want you to see, while always hiding the truth. They can be great in the marketing field where they can sell sand in the desert with their skills.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Planet

Graha deity is the one who gives us the ability to understand the nature of the planet so that we can work based on that planet in our chart. Based on Vedic astrology, the ruling planet or ruling planet of Ashlesha Nakshatra is Mercury.

People born in this Nakshatra will have mesmerizing eyes and attractive feet. Their intelligence is sharp and they can be good mathematicians. These people will undergo deep changes in their lives, giving them a higher level of knowledge and maturity. They will have the ability to fully understand the human psyche along with the knowledge to understand and overcome challenges.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Direction

The south direction is considered to be the direction of Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Mantra

Om NamoStu Sarpebhyoye ke cha Prithvimanu.
Ye antarikse yo devitebhyaḥ sarpebhyo namah.
Om Sarpebhyo Namah.

Nakshatra Devata Mantra– Om Sarpebhyo Namah.
Nakshatra Name Mantra– Om Ashleshayai Namah.

ॐ नमोस्तु सर्पेभ्योये  के च पृथ्वीमनु।
ये अंतरिक्षे यो देवीतेभ्यः सर्पेभ्यो नमः।
ॐ सर्पेभ्यो नमः।

नक्षत्र देवता नाम मंत्र– ॐ सर्पेभ्यो नमः।
नक्षत्र नाम मंत्र– ॐ आश्लेषाशयै नमः।

Ashlesha Nakshatra Deity

The deity of Ashlesha Nakshatra is Naga. People born in this nakshatra will make a good career as doctors, therapists, or working in herbal or medicinal fields. These people do work related to real estate and secret places like mining, the petroleum industry, diamonds, and gems. In the birth chart of yoga teachers or gym instructors, the planets will be situated in this Nakshatra.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Gemstone

Emerald gemstone is worn to provide strength to Mercury, the lord of Ashlesha Nakshatra. Emerald is found in colors ranging from light green to dark green.

Wrapping Up

However, they are always more focused on being successful. While achieving success, they do not shy away from hurting others. They may face a situation where the same goals will become a burden. Furthermore, while chasing success, they may miss out on enjoying the present moment. They can be very stingy sometimes. If you want to know more about Ashlesha Nakshatra then you can consult Online Astrology Consultation.

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