Mars in 8th House – Marriage, Career, and Spouse Appearance

September 26, 2023

Mars in the eighth house makes you passionate and ambitious to achieve great success; Refine your instincts. Positive Mars in the eighth house can make you able to read other people’s minds. In this situation, Mangal Guru can create Mangal Yoga, which can make you extremely wealthy and prosperous.

The 8th house is the house of secrets, hidden treasures, deep research, the longevity of marriage, sudden ups and downs, accidents, in-laws, and spouse’s property. Mars in this house will make you passionate and ambitious to achieve great success. It also sharpens your instincts and you can easily understand other people’s motives. It is the house of transformation and regeneration. This will increase your interest in research and in-depth study of any subject.

Mars in this house will make you anemic due to injuries, burns, and accidents. This will also lead to quarrels between you and your in-laws. Mars is aspecting the 11th house, which is the house of profit. It gives you hope for material gains after marriage.

Mars in 8th House Synastry 

The shortest way to describe an 8th house transit with Mars is very intense. However, more aspects to consider in such a couple chart can significantly affect how you view the relationship. The position of Mars in the 8th house will bring intensity to all aspects of your relationship, from intimacy and sexuality to emotions, physical characteristics, mental connection, and financial part.

All the houses in your birth chart are important because each house represents an essential aspect of your life. The 8th house is the house of your hidden desires, subconscious thoughts, and the hidden parts of your life. This house is ruled by Scorpio and represents the darker aspects of life. Although it is not the house of relationships, it holds the influence of relationships in your life.

The eighth house is also known as the age house. The position of Mars in this house does not give very favorable results. You will face obstacles in most cases due to Mars being here. Due to the position of Mars in the eighth house, there will be the possibility of getting boils or wounds in your body. You may suffer loss of money due to fire and theft. This position of Mars will not give much favor for wealth accumulation. Your income will also not be very good.

Your life partner can be extraordinary. Even your biggest well-wisher will not be able to help you much despite wanting a million. Your constitutional side will not be very strong, but your sensuality will remain very strong. Your younger brother will be angry in nature. Your speech may also be carrying some bitterness.

This position of Mars may indicate some danger in your father’s life. This position of Mars can also attract you to things made of hot chili spices and alcohol. Mars situated here can give you anal-related diseases.

Mars in 8th house in Navamsa chart 

Mars is the god of war and belongs to Aries. However, it has an active presence in everyone’s navamsa chart, regardless of its position. Mars is the planet of Karma. Known as an inauspicious planet, it signifies ambition, action, determination, and passion. It is related to our physical energy and activities. Mostly, this planet acts as an impulse that guides us in various situations.

Mars is the warrior within us and gives us the strength to face difficult situations. When Mars is not in harmony with other planets in the horoscope then it can give the person irritable nature, anger problems, and fiery attitude. However, evolved natives will be able to use this mighty planet to their advantage and avoid its destructive forces.

Mars in 8th house Appearance 

If Mars is debilitated, it will lead you towards ideal anti-sexual behavior and can make you earn from drug addiction-related business. You will earn money by causing harm to others and breaking laws and rules. You may indulge in betting and gambling. This position can also make you an officer who takes bribes and does not get caught. If Mars is in a good position then it can make you a doctor, magician, engineer, or responsible medical representative.

It is also the house of misfortune, indicating violent or sudden death. If Mars is in the water sign, then drowning can result in death; in a fiery sign, death by fire or violence; Death due to mental distress or accidental air travel in the air. This causes problems of bile, kidney and bladder, and blood pressure problems. You will be filled with anger, And this will lead to inflammation in the body and associated diseases.

Mars in the 8th house also affects the longevity of married life. If Mars is situated in this house, then there can be loss or separation from the life partner. There can be quarrels and verbal and physical abuse in the relationship which can lead to estrangement and divorce.

Mars in 8th house Marriage 

As per Marriage Prediction, The life partner will be good-looking but will not be very cooperative and loving towards the native. There will be a lack of love, cooperation, and mutual respect between both partners. There will be a lack of mutual understanding and trust in married life. However, the native will get intense physical pleasure from his life partner. After marriage, a person can also cheat his life partner through a secret relationship. However, one of the two partners may die in the middle age of life.

A committed love relationship will bring a lot of pain, suffering, sadness, and suffering in life. The native will get cheated on in a serious relationship with his partner. However, the native will also be flirtatious and will be fond of casual romance and sex with several members of the opposite sex. These natives will not give space, freedom, or independence to their lovers. Their overly possessive nature would also play a significant role in losing the love of his life. They can also molest their romantic partner when they get angry.

Mars in 8th house Career 

As per Career Prediction, Career in the security sector, electronics, mechanics, and agriculture sector will give good profit. The native can also work under the government as a security, spy, and digital-tech expert and can also become a secret agent. Growth in career will be seen only after crossing the age of 40, before that there will be some problems in economic progress and there may be stagnation in their business. There will be more profit in the agriculture business but there will be loss in partnership business.

The native can earn good popularity and career growth by investing in real estate as well as in the stock market. The native can also get some benefits from the lottery. The native can also earn good money as a contractor. The occupation of the native in the field of construction or commerce will give great profits in the later stages of life.

Mars in 8th house Spouse Appearance 

The transit of Mars in the eighth house makes the native practical and temperamental. He is not even a poetry lover. When they get married, Mars in the eighth house does not allow them to be in an equal relationship with their in-laws. There is either bitterness or estrangement. However, the chances of the son of people with low Mars in the eighth house to suffer from depression and anxiety are very high.

There is a high possibility that the life partner of the natives will not be able to develop a deep emotional bond with the natives. It does not mean that the spouse may cheat on the native, however, it cannot be completely ignored either. When Mars is in the eighth house, the marriage of the native is full of ups and downs: ups and downs are more.

wrapping Up

The native will get money from the marriage. There can be disputes and conflicts with business partners many times in life. The earning of the spouse will also help the native socially. There will be losses in business as well as in professional life. If you have Mars in your 8th house and want to know more about marriage, career, and Spouse Appearance then you can astrologer online consultation who will give you the right guidance.

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