Mercury in 12th House – Marriage, Career, and Spouse Appearance

September 26, 2023

Mercury in the twelfth house gives higher education and philosophical and esoteric knowledge. Positive Mercury in the 12th house brings wealth, travel, and the opportunity to settle abroad. It brings growth that can take you from a small position to a leading role on the professional front.

Mercury in the 12th house gives you a high level of education, philosophical learning, communication with spirits, and esoteric learning. You will have a strong psychic ability to receive information from the other world and transmit it to the real world. Your logical and analytical mind comes from an imaginative world that many people do not understand. That’s why your intelligence is misunderstood.

Mercury in the 12th house will give you a loss in speech; Either you have trouble speaking or you don’t speak much. You can put your imaginative wit into words and share it with everyone. Mercury is speech; Hands are the best means of communication when your voice is different. Your true concentration comes from the imaginary and subtle realms. You become like an antenna to receive messages from the spirit guide. You can become a successful astrologer as you can unlock your intuition power to know the unknown. When you use your mind, it needs to be isolated, and it should not be surrounded by people.

Mercury in 12th House Synastry 

If your Mercury is in the 12th house of your partner’s horoscope, you will get E.S.P. will get. will get. will get. It is possible that you can clearly understand your partner what they are thinking. You can even see things in their subconscious – things they themselves are not aware of. Because you’re feeling so overwhelmed, you may also feel overwhelmed around your partner.

Depending on your partner’s personal preferences, they may or may not be comfortable with your ability to delve directly into their subconscious. Obviously, your partner may feel insulted. This will force them to act in a self-protective manner.

The position of Mercury in the 12th house of the horoscope is complicated. Like Mercury in the eighth house, it may indicate that this person will play the role of a trickster in your life. You must look at their character and the rest of your relationship to assess that threat. The 12th house is known as the house of self-destruction, and this person can lead you to engage in self-destructive behavior.

Mercury in 12th house in Navamsa chart 

Mercury situated in the twelfth house makes the native proficient in learning new languages. They will go abroad for their education and higher studies. They will be fond of sports that demand skill and talent. As his age increases, his spiritual intelligence increases. They will have little or no attachment to their family. These people will settle abroad and make friends. Mercury in this house indicates unexpected gains through marriage. They can marry someone outside their homeland and inherit family property through them. The native is brave, virtuous, and a great host.

If Mercury is inauspicious then the native may have to suffer losses due to the marital partner. There may be loss of family property or problems in relationships. There may be misunderstandings between the native and his children. The native may behave differently from his children.

Mercury in 12th house Appearance 

Mercury in the 12th house gives the native a shy and mysterious physical appearance. The person does not socialize much with other people. The influence of Gemini is not much here. Thus, these people are not as talkative and witty as the typical Gemini. With Mercury in the twelfth house, Pisces will have a strong energy, giving the native a secretive and mysterious presence.

Mercury in 12th house Marriage 

As per Marriage Prediction, the native can marry twice in his life. In the event of infidelity, there may be divorce or separation from the spouse. The native can cheat his life partner. Sexual relations with the spouse will be bad and there may be sexual problems or problems after marriage. The sperm count will be less. Native will not have much physical compatibility with his life partner. There can be a problem of miscarriage or late childbirth. If the lord of the fifth house is weak and with inauspicious planets, then some people do not have children in their life.

Budha or Mercury planet in the 12th house gives you failure in a love affair and short-term casual secret affairs. Very romantic encounters will spark passion but will be short-lived with all the painful experiences and sadness. The native can get the right partner after the age of 27 or 32 years. The native will have to face a lot of unhappiness in his life, especially in his personal romantic life. The native may feel boredom and loneliness, isolation at an early age.

Mercury in 12th house Career 

As per Career Prediction, People with strong and bright Mercury in the twelfth house are spiritually enlightened. They can become outstanding scholars, astrologers, and preachers. These people are also very good public speakers, motivational speakers, and counselors. It is also seen that natives with strong Mercury in the 12th house can be very influential social workers. Putting what they feel on paper is their strength, so the native can also become a successful writer. Natives with Mercury in the 12th house are not really very attached to their motherland. They get success and money abroad. Therefore, there is also a possibility of foreign travel and settlement.

Mercury in the 12th house gives a career in adventure sports, martial arts, merchant navy, etc. The native will do very well in business related to import-export, foreign exchange trading, investment in the stock market, share market, etc. Jatak can become a dealer. , Pear. Merchant, broker, writer, etc. Native can get a job in IT sector or networking and communication department etc. The native can also become a popular radio jockey.

Mercury in 12th house Spouse Appearance 

Mercury posited here will give you mixed results. You are an intelligent, thoughtful, and judicious person. You have deep faith in religion and you like to go on pilgrimage. You should have good knowledge of Vedas and Shastras. Your nature should be natural. Try to fulfill what you have said.

If you believe in charity, you would love to donate clothes. You will be successful in winning over your enemies. You are a happy friend to your siblings. Your uncle will also be happy and influential. You buy lots of land for yourself. You will get a big position and a big reputation.

You are a clear speaker but you should try to remain soft-spoken. You are clever in your work and a person who wins your favor. You have to avoid flaxseed. One should not be greedy for the wealth of shares while protecting his character. Although you can get your profit visually, still restraint is necessary, otherwise greed can come into your nature.

Wrapping Up

Mercury is complex in the 12th house in Navamsa Kundli. It depends on what you want from life, it defines whether it is positive or negative. When Mercury is strong in the 12th house from the ascendant, wealth, wealth and fortune are available in abundance. This makes the native very spiritual and he has no fear of his enemies. If Mercury is weak or thoughtful in the 12th house, then it is nothing less than a curse. The native may become physically weak and may even lose his limbs. If you have Mercury in the 12th house in your horoscope, then it is very important to visit an astrologer to understand the real effects of this planet of knowledge and wisdom. If you have Mercury in your 11th house and want to know more about marriage, career, and Spouse Appearance then you can online astrologer consultation who will give you the right guidance.

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