Tamil Numerology

Tamil Numerology


Numerology can seem extremely complicated because there are so many variations on the subject that you may not even know where to start. However, if you are familiar with astrology, you may already have some knowledge of numerology. According to Numerology, the universe is a system that can be broken down into its constituent parts: numbers.

What is Tamil numerology?

Like other numerology systems, Tamil numerology was developed to predict one’s fortune, identify psychological traits, and examine vibrational characteristics. Tamil numerology is named so because it has its roots in South Indian numerology. Numerologists work to understand the universe and our role in it through study, analysis, and conservation.

Tamil is a name for the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Based on the Tamil numerology alphabet number system, each individual is linked to three numbers and a numerology horoscope. In Tamil alphabet numerology, a person can get many answers which will help them to understand themselves better. Furthermore, the Tamil numerology calculator tool enables you to acquire numerology numbers in Tamil, Hindi, and English. It also provides information on various aspects, including Tamil numerology for baby names, personality numbers, destiny numbers, and more!

  • The mental number is the first number. In Tamil numerology, the psychic number is determined by your birthdate and reflects your self-perception.

  • Bhagyank is the second number in Tamil numerology. The total numbers in your date of birth represent your destiny number, which generally describes how the world sees you.

  • The name number appears as the third number. The Tamil Name Number is determined by the frequency range of a particular number and depicts your interactions with others.

Tamil Numerology Chart

The Tamil Numerology Chart provides the English alphabet number and the corresponding planet for each number. By utilizing this chart, you can determine the numerological value of a Tamil name through calculation.

The Chaldean Numerology Chart assigns numerical values 1 to 8 to the English alphabet from A to Z. Each number corresponds to a specific planet, which influences the character of the name.

This numerology chart assigns numbers and letters to eight planets, excluding Mars. The planets are designated as follows: Sun 1, Moon 2, Guru 3, Rahu 4, Mercury 5, Venus 6, Kethu 7, and Saturn 8. By utilizing this chart, you can determine the numerological number of a name and identify the corresponding planet.

Meaning of The Tamil Numerology Numbers

Tamil numerology number 1

Tamil numerology number 1 is for the Sun, the ruler of the world. People whose date of birth sum is 1 are energetic superpowers. Moreover, it pertains to the traits of a leader and the environments in which leadership skills are cultivated.

As a result, people with this number are quite selfish. These people are endowed with a commanding, aggressive, and dedicated mindset which makes them excellent leaders.

They cannot be compelled to do so unless they voluntarily choose to do so. They are often top performers and hold key positions in every industry. They could not hesitate to spend money on luxuries as they value them a lot.

Tamil numerology number 2

Moon represents intelligence. That’s why the moon dominates the imaginations of children. The number two represents the Moon. The moon is lovely when it’s full and dazzling, yet it can be faint and noticeable another day.

Due to rising and falling cycles, which can be as chaotic as its ruling star, it changes constantly and continuously.

Tamil numerology number 2 is most of them might consider themselves visionaries, and if they can translate their ideas into creative actions, they will be wildly successful in whatever they endeavor to do. However, these people are contemplative, intuitive, romantic, emotional, temperamental, and suspicious. On the other hand, a spiritual conviction will support them emotionally and guide them toward living a more fulfilling life.

Tamil numerology number 3

Jupiter rules the three, and people born under this sign are optimistic, intelligent, and empathetic. The planet Jupiter, symbolized by the number three, embodies knowledge. Individuals associated with this number are known for their straightforwardness, honesty, sincerity, kindness, generosity, humility, and unwavering dedication to their craft.

They are religious conservatives who give high priority to one’s self-worth and respect for superiors. Many engage in social causes, charitable activities, and charitable organizations because they are givers rather than takers.

As we talk about number 3, we usually mean the completion of a project or the development of an innovative concept. People associated with the number 3 do not have that ability in anyone else. So they can do more than the average person.

This number is solid, powerful, and capable of lifting a person and forcing him to leave a mark. This is because the tamil numerology number 3 itself signifies activity. Individuals with this number sometimes experience situations when they cannot fully express their feelings, where feelings of aggression and destructiveness enter the picture.

Tamil numerology number 4

These individuals can be described as enthusiastic, sensible, and simple. Despite often being associated with the Earth, people born under the number 4 are associated with the planet Uranus. They are adventure-loving thrill-seekers who are more engaged in the material activities of life. Additionally, they are often trustworthy, full of ideas and proposals, and good at combining.

These people are usually quite realistic, reasonable, and fundamentally grounded. They are also reliable, dependable, and have a lot of patience, which makes them as strong as a rock. They like to have fun, but not in a materialistic way.

Their impulsiveness, restlessness, and tendency to withdraw are the only negative traits associated with them. On the other hand, number 4 individuals are vigorous and self-indulgent in their pursuit of pleasure and are not easily deceived.

Tamil numerology number 5

Mercury is a planet that is related to number 5 in numerology. People enjoy being around these individuals as they tend to uplift the mood of those around them which makes them enthusiastic. They can still coexist peacefully in new circumstances and a different environment because they are incredibly adaptable to change. Additionally, number 5 people like to challenge themselves intellectually by pushing their limits and solving puzzles and challenging challenges.

Also, because they cherish life and live it to the fullest, there is a possibility that they may develop a stronger sense of sensuality and become more tolerant of being spiritually aware. They constantly study to gain more information and insight as they feel the mind can expand. When they use their intelligence, it is seen that they do not like to get stuck in a loop or repeat a pattern as it bores them.

Tamil numerology number 6

This group tends to be less logical and scientific and more emotional, empathetic, trusting, and sensitive. Number 6 in numerology is the factor of Venus. This number is related to generosity, charm, harmony, stability, and glory.

People are more inclined to help others because they are often hospitable and like to take care of their families. He has a utopian outlook on life, as opposed to being kind and considerate of others’ differences.

Number 6 people are incredibly artistic. They have both consciousness and awareness, which makes them more imaginative than practical. This number can be compared to magic, romance, charisma, health, unity, and oneness. Given that the world was also created, it is also believed that the number six represents perfection and excellence.

Tamil numerology number 7

Even if it is challenging to understand, number 7 is the most powerful and beneficial of all others. This is its charm. This number is associated with intuitive, psychic, contemplative, possessed, spiritual, and a bit philosophical people.

Even without realizing it, they have an influential personality and influence people around them through their aura. On the outside, these individuals may lack emotion, but on the inside, they may be closest to the truth. They experience a great deal of inner emotional turmoil but keep it hidden from others.

Even if they have brilliant work in healthcare, music, healing, counseling, or astrology, these people are usually quite distant and quiet. However, they do have mystical, psychic, intellectual, and psychic abilities associated with these occupations.

Tamil numerology number 8

The subconscious components are the focus of number eight. According to Numerology, this number can represent anything and everything related to the unconscious psyche of a person.

In numerology, the number 8 is the factor of the planet Saturn. People with this number are highly inventive and feel things very intensely. Furthermore, he is considered one of the most accomplished people because of his extraordinary originality and ingenuity, which enables him to be successful in almost every profession.

Being bold and courageous at their core, they are natural managers who speak their hearts out. As they all require a solid and committed attitude, they can have excellent job opportunities in law, commerce, government, and the military. Whenever these people can see beyond this physical dimension and stop being attached to their bodies, they will become problem solvers in life.

Tamil numerology number 9

It has been said that this number represents the total amount of components that a person can learn in their lifetime. It is associated with spiritual creativity, divine and all-pervading love, innate natural skills, and many karmic elements.

This number represents the planet, Mars. These individuals are incredibly inventive, adventurous, and passionate, yet they can also be far-fetched and idealistic at times. They are also compassionate and often reflect on life and see what it has to offer. Despite having caring and loving parents, some may feel rejected and tend to withdraw.

They may sometimes feel sorry for what they have endured and lament how unfair life has been to them; After learning about the law of karma, its benefits and drawbacks, and how the whole cycle works, people can only start to feel better.

Individuals with this number can excel in the fields of literature, mind control, singing, exploration, health care, and travel.

Wrapping Up

Originating in southern India, Tamil numerology consists of three numerical digits that are not linked but are derived from the date of birth. Additionally, it provides information about temperament and other characteristics. The destiny number is the primary determining factor in Tamil numerology. If you want to know more about Tamil Numerology, then Talk to astrologers.

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