Numerology is a science similar to astrology, in which information about a person’s future is given with the help of numbers. Its esoteric knowledge in Hindi is called Ank Shastra and Numerology in English. In numerology, various aspects of a person’s life are assessed and predictions are made about their future life, especially by using certain rules.

What is Namank?

To know the future according to numerology, we introduce numerology. In this, the name of every human being prevalent in society is taken according to the English alphabet. According to this new method, each character has been given a certain number. In this way, we get the name number related to the name.

Namank Example


To get the enrollment number, we have to write the person’s name in English, the name which is used the most should be used to get the enrollment number.

The basic Namank numbers are from 1 to 9 only and the prediction of each number is different. If the roll number is more than 10, then it will be considered as 1+0=1. A simple mathematical operation is necessary to extract the original roll number.

Namank 1

The people affected by this number are fond of decoration, fond, cheerful, and experts in increasing intimacy. Due to not being sensitive, they do not get hurt by any incident. Their nature remains a little hot. Being temperamental personalities, they like hobbies, and bright colors, and are used to living a fast life. The people whose name number is 1, are successful people. You get respect and fame in society. You are always ready to help the shelter. You get great success in the social field.

Despite not achieving any great success in life, they still spend their life happily. Worshiping the Sun, Surya Namaskar, with red flowers in a scriptural way will help them in times of distress. It will be beneficial to wear a Rudraksha of 12 stripes and a Manikya Ratna. Read More about Namank 1

Namank 2

The people affected by this number are soft, calm, imaginative, and artistic in personality. Due to their soft nature, the imagination in their plans is of high quality, but due to lack of labor, even good plans remain stuck. They need constant motivation to maintain their confidence. A person with name number 2 has to struggle more in life. You are a politician but you seem to lack consistency. You get success in business related to import and export.

White or light colors will be auspicious for them. Due to the possibility of abdominal disorders, caution is necessary for eating and drinking. Due to the cold nature, health will remain fragile. Peepal trees can be watered and pearls can be worn during times of distress. Shiva worship will be able to give special benefits. Read More about Namank 2

Namank 3

The people affected by this number want to see their dominance over others. Being disciplined and used to living a life bound by rules, they will be able to get special success in defense services and administration-related jobs. If Shani-Rahu is in inauspicious yoga in the birth chart, then they become dictatorial, and due to this enmity increases in their life. The people of 3 name number have to struggle more to get success in their career. However, stability remains in your workplace.

Under the auspicious influence, this person has also been seen to achieve great success due to his adventurous nature. The deep yellow or pink color will be auspicious for them. They are suspected of having nervous system-related diseases. In difficult times, Vishnu-Lakshmi worship or Maa Tripura Sundari Sadhana will be beneficial. Read More about Namank 3

Namank 4

Name number of the person affected by this original name number, the behavior of the affected person is strange. They are used to doing arbitrary, hence there is enmity in life. If they make friends, then they play together till the end. They should not be very sensitive and should always try to be happy.

Number 4 people do not befriend anyone easily, if they do, they do it honestly. 4 women have to face obstacles in their relationship. If your nomination number is 4, then you should keep your distance from the market. Read More about Namank 4

Namank 5

The people affected by this original number want to become millionaires in a hurry. This happens when Rahu sits in an inauspicious yoga in the ‘Lagna-Kundali’. They are the masters of a fertile mind and have been seen achieving great success in life by having enough courage to take risks. Their attitude is humorous. People with the name number 5 are lucky. You get respect and recognition in society. You are of positive thinking and hence lay the foundation of success in every field.

Since these people take big risks, there is a possibility of nervous diseases in the latter part of life and in inauspicious yoga. The green start will be auspicious for them. In difficult times, worshiping Ganapati and wearing 8-sided Rudraksh and Emerald stone will be beneficial. Their fortune rises quickly. Read More about Namank 5

Namank 6

The people affected by this original number are of royal nature. His personality is charming. They like to dress up. Being determined, sometimes their determination reaches the extent of stubbornness. They are very reliable friends. They get moderate success in life. The white or pink color will be auspicious for them. The people of 6 names get success in the field of entertainment, design, and art and lead a luxurious life. Read More about Namank 6

Namank 7

The people affected by this original number are not traditionalists. They have their own way of living their life, their own ideal. There is an attraction in their mind toward esoteric studies. In the first half of life, they often lead a luxurious life, but in the latter, there is a problem with their behavior, they become intolerant. The natives of 7 name numbers should step carefully in every field because this name number is favorable for only a few people. In this, the people belonging to the field of art and literature get success.

May suffer from mental deficiency or physical weakness. In difficult times, worshiping Maa Durga and wearing diamonds can be beneficial. Rudraksha of 7 stripes can be worn. Offer water to the big tree in difficult times. Read More about Namank 7

Namank 8

The people affected by this original number are of serious nature and a strong personality but of indifferent nature. They often have deep faith in tradition and religion. He has a special place in his heart towards the problems of the lower strata of society and remains secretly active in their progress. Children are possible for them. People with 8 nominations are of religious nature by nature. They perform their responsibilities well. But they get embroiled in one scandal or the other.

They can achieve success in Yoga or Bhakti Yoga. They get success in engineering contracting or technical lines. The blue color will be auspicious for them. In difficult times, worshiping Shani Dev or Hanumanji and giving jaggery and gram to monkeys will be beneficial. The use of Blue Sapphire can give benefits. Rudraksha 14 Mukhi can be worn. Read More about Namank 8

Namank 9

People with this original number are often seen to achieve success due to their warm nature and strong determination. They can get special success in the medical line, especially in surgery. The name number of the people is 9, they are open-minded. You like freedom more. You are creative and determined.

Being hot-tempered and independent, they do not tolerate interference from others. In inauspicious yoga, their married life also often passes with trouble, and harm from enemies is possible. They are easily influenced by women and hence sometimes suffer from them. Read More about Namank 9

Wrapping Up

Numerology is not just a means of knowing your destiny, but it is a science. In the Hindu tradition, it is believed that any auspicious work should be done only at an auspicious time, only then it gets fruitful. Actually, numerology is also an important part of knowing astrology and horoscope which has a special impact on your life. So, today we will tell you how with numerology you can know about your name number and your nature. Talk to astrologers to know more about Namank numbers.

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