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According to astrologers, Rahu has enmity with Surya, so when they both come together in a house, this condition is called Surya Grahan or “Surya Rahu Grahan Dosha”. When Surya and Rahu are together in a person’s horoscope If they occur, it is called Grahan Dosha. Rahu and Sun are enemies, so when these two are together, this situation is called Surya Grahan. Grahan Dosha is the most dangerous of all doshas. Rahu symbolized obstruction, laziness, delay in work, depression, emotional imbalance, and many other illusions. If Rahu aspects the Sun in any house, it is called a solar eclipse which is very harmful to the native. Surya Rahu Establishing Graha Dosha Nivaran Yantra reduces inauspicious effects. Surya Rahu Graha Yog Nivaran Yantra removes differences between father and son. This Yantra helps in solving problems like delays in marriage or childbirth. If you want more information about Surya rahu grahan yog Nivaran yantra then online astrology consultations on the phone.

Benefits of Surya Rahu Grahan Yog Nivaran Yantra

  • This yantra with its effect resolves the ongoing differences between the native and the father.

  • Removes the obstacles coming in the marriage of the native and simplifies the complications related to children.

  • Along with the increase in love and affection among all the family members, there is peace in the house.

  • Father’s health may improve, and the person performing the puja gets blessings from elders.

  • If any legal matter or court case is going on, then its result can come in favor of the person.

  • With its effect, any matter related to government officials can be resolved.

  • This yantra helps in getting rid of chronic diseases like heart disease, brain disease, and cancer.

  • Regular worship of Surya Grahan Dosha Nivaran Yantra will give a native good opportunities in their career.

  • If you are in business, new proposals may come your way and the company may flourish.

  • The life of the person becomes stable and there is a decrease in disorientation.

  • If the native is employed, they will get many opportunities in their workplace and will experience good relations with colleagues.

  • Along with this, the person can get good luck due to its effect and they can get respect, name, and fame in the society.

Why should I buy Surya Rahu Grahan Yog Nivaran Yantra from you?

If there is a combination of the Sun and Rahu in someone’s Kundli, then the Sun Rahu Grahan dosha occurs in the horoscope of the person. There are many harmful effects due to this Dosha in the horoscope of the natives. Some possible complications are explained in this article. If you also experience any of these problems mentioned in the article in your life, then you need to take the help of Surya Rahu Grahan Dosh Nivaran Yantra. This energizing and disciplining Yantra nullifies the malefic effects of Sun and Rahu in your Kundli chart. It shows its effect soon, due to which the native starts seeing positive changes in his life very soon.

In addition to providing you with a suitable Yantra, we also guarantee that our Yantras are of high quality and genuine. They are invoked for you with your installation and associated mantras.

Our elaborate stocking of Yantras, Gemstones, Rudrakshas, and many other items makes our website an accurate store for all your needs. You may consult our solutions team at any time to get more clarity on any issue with respect to the Yantra availed by you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Grah Dosha?

According to astrology, if there is an Grah Dosha in your horoscope, then donate white things today at the time of the lunar eclipse. On this day, you can donate rice, milk, curd, white clothes, sweets, etc. By doing this, the effect of Chandra Dosha gets reduced. Also, there is a good effect on mental health.

Who should be worshiped during the solar eclipse?

Mental worship should be done at the time of solar eclipse. God is not touched in mental worship, God is meditated in the mind. Along with this, you can chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Aditya Hriday Stotra, Lord Shiva’s mantra, etc. during the eclipse.

What should not be done during the solar eclipse?

No religious or providential work accompanied by worship should be done during a solar or lunar eclipse. It is forbidden to do favorable work at the time of the eclipse of the scriptures. One should not eat food even by mistake at the time of the solar or lunar eclipse. Rahu-Ketu’s negative influence on the earth at the time of the eclipse.

What is the Grahan Dosha in the horoscope?

When a person is born during a solar or lunar eclipse, then that person has Grahan Dosha. This dosha is formed due to the presence of shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu. Surya Rahu Grahan Yog Nivaran Yantra install in-house and remove the Grahan dosha in Kundli

Can we worship during a solar eclipse?

Worshiping at the time of the eclipse is prohibited in the scriptures, but chanting and reciting mantras can reduce the effect of the eclipse. Along with this, touching the idol of God during the eclipse is also prohibited. Food should not be taken during the eclipse period.

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