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Brihaspati Yantra or Guru Yantra is meant to please the planet Brihaspati/Jupiter. Guru Yantra should be established for worshiping Lord Brihaspati for prosperity, power, position, authority, abundance, wealth, and blessings in business and for strengthening weak Jupiter in the horoscope with puja and mantra. If Jupiter is inauspicious in the horoscope, then the use of this yantra is very beneficial and favorable. It governs education, pleasure, soundness of the body, affluence, and prestige for elders and gurus, good morals and conduct, wealth, honor, prestige, and charity, etc. It rules over the worldly wealth and fortune of man and is therefore called the giver or ruler of wealth. If he is pleased with his devotees, he blesses them with prosperity and wisdom. Shree Siddh Gurudev (Jupiter) Yantra is recommended for those who are suffering from piles and jaundice. If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope then Guru Yantra is ideal. If the northeast direction of any residential or commercial building is stretched or cut or heavy or light or has any type of Vastu defect, then this active and proven yantra should be installed on the northeast wall of the building on a Shukla Thursday.

Benefits of Shree Siddh Gurudev (Jupiter) Yantra

  • This Yantra negates the malefic or disadvantageous effects of the planet Jupiter and endows power, position, and authority.

  • Planets can be neutralized with the help of Shri Siddha Gurudev (Jupiter) Yantra.

  • This increases knowledge in life.

  • With the help of this yantra, a person leads a happy and prosperous life.

  • It helps in increasing wealth, power, position, and intelligence in life.

  • This Yantra brings positivity.

  • It makes life calm and stable.

  • Worshiping this Yantra fulfills the wishes of the people.

  • It helps in awakening the divine soul within you.

  • This Yantra can turn a livelihood into a high and satisfying career!

  • This yantra enhances your thinking power.

  • Jupiter Yantra is good for business and profession.

  • It helps in getting an education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Shree Guru Yantra?

Worshiping the Yantra pleases Guru and the wearer is blessed with prosperity, wisdom, power, spirituality, promotion in rank, protection, and success, and makes life filled with abundance.

Where to keep Guru Siddhi Yantra?

Guru Siddhi Yantra is used for the adoration of Lord Jupiter for prosperity, strength, rank, authority, abundance, wealth, and occupation. The ideal place is to hang it on the wall of the puja room, living room, or office facing North or East direction.

What is Jupiter Yantra?

Jupiter Yantra is an effective Yantra which provides significant benefits to you. Jupiter is the ruling planet in the astrological field. Brihaspati Yantra completely destroys all the malefic elements caused by Jupiter in your birth chart.

How to worship Guru Yantra?

After taking a bath on a Thursday morning, take your yantra and go to the place you want to establish it. Locate the yantra there, sprinkle some holy water or raw milk on your Guru yantra, chant 108 Beej mantras of Jupiter, worship to Jupiter, and ask for the best possible outcomes.

Which Yantra is for Jupiter?

In this process, Jupiter Yantra is your mediator. The Yantra is the depository of bouncing radiations that can arouse your spiritual and religious faith. These rays can transform your uncomfortable job into a peaceful, joyful and satisfying career for you by opening the doors of higher education.

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