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The Shree Saptashati Yantra is composed of Sapta (seven) Shatis (hundreds) which depict 700 verses from the birth of Shakti to the inference of the battle between the goddess and the demons. Shree Saptashati Yantra helps the worshiper to fulfill desires, remove obstacles and drive away all enemies. Devotees driven by desire as well as those who are desireless achieve their intended goals by worshiping this Yantra. This Yantra blesses the worshiper with a logical and calculative mind and improves the presence of the mind and overall health. This Yantra gives courage and inspiration to the person. It also brings fearlessness within the worshiper and the ability to perform tasks effectively. This Yantra also brings good luck, auspiciousness, and prosperity to the worshipper. If you want more information about Shree Saptashati Mahayantram then online astrology consultations on the phone.

Benefits of Shree Saptashati Mahayantra

  • The Yantra placed here gets charged with divine vibrations from the universe and through its mystical geometry imparts positive transformational energies/energies to the abode.

  • The Yantra provides energy to the place where it is installed.

  • Goddess Durga’s blessings remain on Shri Saptashati Maha Yantra.

  • It helps in eradicating poverty.

  • This Yantra provides positive energy.

  • This Yantra acts as security in the house.

  • This yantra provides the desired growth.

  • It helps in curing the disease.

  • Wishes are fulfilled by this yantra.

  • It helps in removing sorrows.

  • It helps in getting mastery over the enemies.

  • This Yantra helps in getting wealth or success.

Why should I buy Shree Saptashati Mahayantram from you?

Our primary goal is to educate people regardless of religious, ethnic, or social background about Rudraksha beads, yantras, and gemstones, and dispel misconceptions about their uses and their properties as described in our ancient scriptures.

We organize International and Indian shipments of Rudrakshas, Yantras, Gemstones, and a variety of spiritual items, wherein we educate people about their rightful uses and benefits as per the scriptures and our decade-long research. Furthermore, we tell people about the importance of practical measures based on their birth chart.

In doing all of the above, we value quality over quantity, and our customer service is well-known by thousands of people globally.

Shipping Details

We deliver Shree Saptashati Mahayantram all over the world. The average delivery time of Shree Saptashati Mahayantram to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Shree Saptashati Mahayantram?

Shree Saptashati Mahayantram helps the worshiper in fulfilling wishes, to remove obstacles, and to conquer all enemies. The devotees driven by desire as well as those who are desire-less achieve their intended goal by worshiping this yantra.

What are the benefits of Durga Saptashati's path?

People who recite this path daily can get rid of black magic and obstacles in their life. Devotees, who are not sturdy and feel less confident must recite this path as goddess Durga is the ultimate form of Shakti which means full of potency, spunk, and strength.

What is the basic mantra of Durga Saptshati?

जयन्ती मड्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी। दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमो स्तु ते ॥ सृष्टि स्तिथि विनाशानां शक्तिभूते सनातनि। गुणाश्रेय गुणमये नारायणि नमो स्तु ते ॥ (Jayanti Madgala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini. Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Swaha Swadha Namo Stu Te ॥ The state of creation is destroyed, Shaktibhute Sanatani. Gunashreya Gunamaye Narayani Namo Stu Te ॥)

How to make Durga Saptshati free from the curse?

ऊँ ह्रीं क्‍लीं श्रीं क्रां क्रीं चण्डिकादेव्‍यै शापनाशानुग्रहं कुरू कुरू स्‍वाहा। (Om Hree Kleem Shree Kra Kra Kree Chandikadevyai Shapanashanugraham Kuru Kuru Swaha) By chanting the mantras in this way, the Saptshati Granth of Maa Durga becomes free from the curse of Lord Shankar.

What should be read first in Durga Saptshati?

To recite Durga Saptshati, one should first recite Navarna Mantra, Kavach, then Keelak and Argala Stotra. After this, the recitation of Durga Saptashati should be started.

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