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Shree Sadashiv Yantra of the Supreme Lord Shiva. Sadashiv means Lord Parshiva. Sadashiv is the omnipotent, fixed, radiant Absolute. Broadly speaking the supreme performance that is blessed with Mukhakriti or harmony, the Panchakritya – the sacred five acts of Shiva. In the Puranas, the creatures create, preserve, and rebuild nature. So one God is declared to be the energizing and productive energy of each with Shiva’s equal partner, Goddess Parvati. Shree Sadashiv Yantra is a great celestial conductor of energy, the air of nature, and a powerful medium of peace, victory, and achievement. The soul and mind concentrate on the center of the Yantra to reach more significant levels of divinity.

Benefits of Shree Sadashiv Yantra

  • This is the blessing of Lord Shiva.

  • It is believed that this is a way of worshiping Lord Shiva.

  • It is a source of peace, happiness, and wisdom in your home.

  • It is the wellspring of fulfillment and pleasure in life.

  • Shree Sadashiv Yantra inspires in every dimension of life.

  • In the house, it is a way to experience the divine trinity of Lord Mahadeva.

  • It helps to get rid of behavioral and attitude issues in a person.

  • Shree Sadashiv Yantra is a source of gladness in everyday life.

  • It also brings the strength and calmness needed to live life.

  • This yantra helps to feel strong enough to fight evil.

  • This yantra is also very good for struggling in your life.

  • It helps in solving job problems and issues in the workplace.

Why should I buy Shree SadaShiv Yantra from You?

Sadashiv Yantra is the Supreme Lord, Lord Shiva. Sadashiv means Lord Parshiva. Sadashiv is the omnipotent, fixed, radiant Absolute. Yantra is a great celestial conductor of force, the vehicle of nature, and an energetic medium of serenity, victory, and accomplishment. The soul and mind concentrate in the center of the yantra to reach greater levels of divinity. The yantra is made of pure copper and has geometric patterns. The Yantra will be blessed and active. Made from high-quality thick material.

Yantras should not be chosen indiscriminately, only specific Yantras should be selected that match your individual birth chart. Our expert astrological guidelines help you choose the suitable Yantra without any adverse impacts. In addition to providing you with suitable yantra, we also guarantee you that our yantras are of high quality and genuine. They are invoked for you with your installation technique and associated mantras.

Our extensive collection of Yantras, Rudraksha, and Gemstones makes our website a one-stop-shop for all your needs. You may consult our solutions team at any time to get more clarity on any issues you may have with respect to the Yantra purchased by you. You can take online astrology consultations for more guidance and knowledge about Shree SadaShiv Yantra.

Shipping Detail

We deliver Shree SadaShiv Yantra all over the world. The average delivery time of Shree SadaShiv Yantra to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Shree SadaShiv Yantra?

Lord Shiva Yantra saves the natives from fatal diseases. Shree SadaShiv Yantra ensures safety from grave dangers like the evil effects of planets and accidents etc. Lord Shiv Yantra confers the native with courage and good soundness of the body. It blesses the natives with health, wealth, prominence, and affluence.

What is the meaning of Shiva Yantra?

Shiva Yantra represents the divine potency of the all-powerful Lord Mahadeva. Meditation on or Worship of this Yantra provides soundness of the body, destiny, and spiritual progression and endows freedom from fear and illness. Anyone has to understand how to meditate on Shiva yantra so that one can attract Shambu tattva from the universe.

Which is the powerful Hindu Yantra?

As per Vedic texts the “Shree SadaShiv Yantra” is one of the most powerful and auspicious amongst all different Yantra as it represents the energies of all Gods and Goddesses and basically is a representation of your exhaustive Life which is a Play of Goddess Lalita.

What is the benefit of Shree SadaShiv Yantra?

The Shree SadaShiv Yantra bestows devotees with protection, good soundness of the body, good destiny, name, and prominence. The placing of the Yantra at the house or at occupation premises invites auspiciousness, progress, and prosperity.

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