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Shree 64 Yogini Yantra is a very rare Yantra. The Shree 64 Yogini Yantra has 64 yoginis seated in an eight-petalled lotus flower with each petal representing the eight forms of a yogini. 64 Yogini Yantra is closely connected with Goddess Adhya Shakti. Sixty-four is a means of enjoyment that tempts the soul of a person. There are sixty-four divisions within the soul, where Shiva and Shakti reside; The sixty-four are the chambers of the chakras of the soul. Shree 64 Yogini Yantra brings the souls out of confusion. It bestows good powers by removing negative and evil forces from life. The divine blessings of 64 Maha Yoginis rest on this Yantra. This yantra protects from the evil eye. It endows harmony, wealth, pleasure, calmness, and security to the family. This yantra is better for preventing miscarriage and for the safe birth of a child. This is important to ensure marriage. If you want more information about Shree 64 yogini yantra then online astrology consultations on the phone.

Benefits of Shree 64 Yogini Yantra

  • This Yantra blesses the worshiper with a good life partner and also helps in resolving disputes in relationships.

  • This yantra is also helpful during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage, abortion, and safe delivery of the child.

  • Yoginis are mostly village goddesses who have wonderful powers and hence it is also believed that worshiping this Yantra bestows some special power.

  • This Yantra defends black magic and evil spirits.

  • This Yantra also blesses with psychic empowerment and is worshiped for achievement and affluence.

  • Shree 64 Yogini Yantra bestows wealth, harmony, happiness, peace, and protection.

  • It wards off negative and evil forces and bestows the divine powers of the yantra.

  • It helps for success in career/business.

  • It is a subsidiary of proudly running educational institutions like schools, colleges, research centers, and corporate companies.

  • This yantra is good for pregnancy protection and safe delivery of the child.

  • It is important to ensure the longevity of the wedding and ensure the hitched.

  • This Yantra helps in avoiding accidents.

  • This yantra brings success in court cases.

  • It helps to avoid pain and troubles caused by ill health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of 64 Yogini Yantra?

64 Yogini Yantra blesses the adorer with a good marrow spouse and also helps settle disputes in relationships. This yantra is also remunerative during pregnancy, preventing miscarriages, and abortions, and for the secure birth of the child.

What is Yogini Yantra?

64 Yogini Yantra is one of the most energetic Yantra representing 64 Yoginis who recognize 64 mental, physical, material, and extraordinary qualities, and abilities.

What is Yogini Devi?

Sixty-four yoginis are mainly related to the Kali clan, and all of them are different incarnations of Adya Shakti Kali. Ten Mahavidyas and Siddha Vidyas are also counted among the sixty-four goddesses. All these have a close relation with Tantra and Yoga Vidya.

64 What is the significance of Yogini?

In the mythology of Hinduism, the term yogini normally refers to a female yogi, but the term 64 yoginis refers to a tantric and occult female cult worshiping the Hindu goddess Durga.

How to prove Chausath Yogini?

Before starting meditation, take the blessings of your forefathers, presiding deities, and gurus after retiring from bath meditation, etc. After that Ganesh Mantra and Guru Mantra are chanted so that there are no obstacles in the Sadhana. After this, while worshiping Lord Shiva, offer Akshat (rice) containing water and ashwagandha on the Shivling.

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