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Ketu Yantra is one of the most energetic and renowned regional Yantra as it reflects the auspicious characteristics of the planet Ketu. It bestows tremendous peace and wealth on the devotees while purifying the horoscope of all malefic aspects of the planet Ketu. Ketu Yantra is the best Yantra for those people who have negative aspects of Ketu in their horoscope. Ketu Yantra removes difficulties and challenges from life. It gives peace, good prosperity, and positive energy. Ketu Yantra is helpful in removing the inauspicious effects. Ketu Yantra is an auspicious Yantra that is used to appease the planet Ketu. If you have Ketu in your horoscope, then this Yantra is recommended to ward off malefic effects. It gives success in business and helps in winning over enemies. To remove the inauspicious effects going on in your life and to know more about this Yantra, you can take online astrology consultation and remove the inauspicious effects.

Benefits of Ketu Yantra

  • Ketu Yantra demolishes all the negatory forces and drives them away from a person’s life.

  • It bestows wisdom and good fortune.

  • It greatly enhances a follower’s sense of peace and contentment.

  • This yantra removes all the malefic effects of Ketu and transmits its beneficial effects to you easily.

  • The Yantra bestows great wisdom and insight, allowing the world to be viewed from an ideal perspective.

  • You can be blessed with happiness and glory thanks to Ketu Yantra.

  • This Yantra provides spiritual awakening and mental stability to the adorer.

  • Ketu Yantra reduces Ketu Doshas like Guru Chandal Dosha and Kaal Sarp Dosha.

  • This yantra is good for the soundness of the body disease related to the spine and sensory system, knee issues, wounds, etc.

  • Ketu Yantra nullifies the disadvantages and effects of Ketu Dasha and provides new opportunities.

  • It gives relief from mental disturbance and exhaustion.

  • It nullifies any malefic effects of enemies and ill-placed planets.

Why should I buy Ketu Yantra from you?

You can install Ketu Yantra in your home, or office or even wear it as an ornament to protect yourself from the malefic effects of Ketu and to attain spiritual upliftment, good health, happiness, and prosperity. This Yantra resonates with the powerful and positive energy of Ketu and confers the adorer with metaphysical upliftment, destiny, pleasure, and nice physical strength as well as spunk to overcome difficulties.

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Furthermore, all the Gemstones, Rudraksha, and many more products along with Ketu Yantra, are attuned by our expert astrologers just for our customers. Here are the standard Vedic rituals to activate your Ketu Yantra. The yantras are embellished with several geometric patterns following the ancient representations of various planets which help in enhancing the benefits of the yantra in the life of the wearer.

Shipping Details

We deliver Ketu Yantra all over the world. The average delivery time of Ketu Yantra to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ketu Yantra do?

It confers good health, wealth, and prosperity generally. Worshipping the Ketu Yantra brings all-around pleasure and a general sense of well-being. It showers prosperity on the devotee. It bestows good soundness of the body, victory over enemies, achievement in business, wealth, and prosperity.

Where to place Ketu Yantra?

Ketu Yantra is worshipped for achieving the blessings of the shadow planet Ketu. Everyday worship draws out diseases, evil forces, hidden oppositions, adverse situations, and negative effects. The ideal location is to hang it on the wall of the worship room, living room, or office facing the North or East direction.

Can we keep Ketu Yantra at home?

Ketu Yantra can be located at the entrance of your house, office, or shop to experience the remunerative powers of Ketu. It defends the residents of the house and confers longevity.

What is Ketu Yantra in astrology?

Ketu Yantra is an auspicious amulet used to pacify the planet Ketu. If Ketu is malefic in your Janam Patri, this yantra is recommended to remove the disadvantageous effects. The Yantra blesses you with prestige, friendship, affluence, and charity!

Who should wear Ketu Yantra?

The Ketu Yantra studded locket is suitable for those people who have the planet Ketu in a weak condition in their birth chart, as it creates challenges that are critical for the native to overcome. When worn, the Yantra Locket works to eliminate the negatory energies and disadvantages impacts of Ketu.

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