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Shree Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra is one of the types of Vastu Dosh removal Yantra. This energetic Yantra has the heavenly geometry of a triangle with many mantras and divine pictures of Lord Narayana and Bhumi Devi on the sides. Bhoomi Dosh is considered to have bad vibes due to the occurrence of some sad events in that land or the presence of negative objects inside the plot. Also, when a plot has been a cremation ground earlier, it is considered Bhoomi Dosh. Bhoomi Dosha causes dread, exertion, sickness, obstacles, and unexpected deficits in business. This yantra helps in removing all Bhoomi Doshas from home/office/place of business. To know more about Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra you can take an astrology phone consultation service for further guidance and solutions.

Benefits of Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra

  • Remove all the negative impacts caused due to Bhoomi Dosh.

  • This black magic protects from evil spirits, surroundings, and negative influences.

  • Brings harmony, happiness, and peace.

  • It helps to overcome depression and anxiety.

  • It helps fight negative vibes.

  • This yantra confers protection from negative people in your life.

  • It gives the right path and guidance in life.

  • This gives self-confidence and self-respect in life.

  • It also provides protection against physical and crippling damages.

  • It keeps people in the right direction in life.

  • It helps to find peace in personal and professional life.

  • It gives a peaceful mindset in life.

  • It also helps to learn about confidence in business.

  • It can also be used for protection from negativity and evil spirits in the workplace or at home.

Why should I buy Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra from you?

Vastu means the abode of humans and gods. Vastu Shastra is ancient information that guides us to freely achieve the natural advantages provided by the five basic elements of the world in which we all stay. These basic five elements in Vastu are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), and Vayu (Wind). Vastu Shastra can be implemented only by keeping pace with these five basic elements of nature. Vastu Dosha Nivaran Yantra is believed to have divine power to remove defects or negative effects on Vastu or the construction of homes and offices. Vastu Dosha refers to the mistakes in construction as per the principles of Vastu based on the direction and location of various parts in the building.

Our team provides quality and energetic equipment. We take customers’ problems with understanding. And then give them proper guidance on how to keep this yantra at home or office and worship it. Hence, the yantra will provide complete monetary benefits and protection to the individual. We want to give you the right guidance about this Yantra and bring all its blessings in life profitably. This will provide you with lifelong benefits. We will solve your problem by using this Yantra which will be best for you.

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We deliver Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra all over the world. The average delivery time of Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Bhoomi Yantra?

Bhoomi Yantra is established in the house or temple for defends against the effects of evil spirits, evil eyes, and black magic. This yantra is said to bless the worshiper with property, progeny, and conveyance.

What is the Yantra for Bhoomi Pooja?

Bhoomi Yantra is used for conservancy against evil spirits and black magic and assets. Bhoomi Yantra is used in houses, temples, and property to defend assets against any negatory spells. Bhoomi Devi is the divine wife of God Varaha, an Avatar of Lord Hari. She is the representative goddess, of Mother Earth.

What is Bhumi Dosh in Astrology?

Bhoomi Dosha is recognized to have ill vibes due to the occurrence of some tragic incident on that plot or the presence of negatory items deep in the ground. Also, when a ground or plot has beforehand been a crematory, it is considered to have Bhoomi Dosha.

How to remove dosha from the house?

Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra is an excellent solution to remove Vaastu defects from the house. Vastu Shastra throws light on the benefits of keeping a Fish Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra in the house. Keeping Bhoomi Dosh Destroyer Yantra is also beneficial in case of Vaastu defects in offices, schools, or any other type of building.

How do I keep my House Positive?

Positive energy can be brought through Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra. By installing this yantra, negative energy is destroyed and positive energy is transmitted.

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