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16 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by God Rama, who is also an incarnation of Lord Narayana. This bead is mainly known to bestow good destiny and affluence to the wearer. It is also called Victory Rudraksha, it protects the person from any kind of theft or cheating. This Rudraksha is also blessed by Mahakal who is known to remove the fear of death and bring life to perfection. The lord planet of 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is Ketu (Shadow Planet) and for people who have a weak situation of Ketu in their Kundali, 16 Mukhi Rudraksha helps to work on it and reduce its negative impacts on life. It is believed that 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is also blessed by Lord Mahadeva and is a powerful Mahamruntyujaya and rare bead that is ruled by the planet Moon. It helps in maintaining cordial relations and enhances positivity and energy in the surrounding environment. In the house where 16 Mukhi Rudraksha is worshipped, troubles like fire, robbery, and theft do not come there.

Benefits of wearing 16 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • It helps to protect you from unjust blames.

  • It helps to remove any kind of fear.

  • It helps in achieving victory in court cases and legal issues.

  • It helps in strengthening family bonds and assures fame.

  • This helps protect against cheating and theft.

  • It helps in boosting self-esteem.

  • It helps in destroying the fear of death.

  • It works to increase the Mooladhara Chakra.

  • It makes the wearer simple and practical.

  • It helps in fulfilling worldly obligations.

  • It helps to face challenges with serenity and spunk.

  • It helps in recovering from acute and chronic diseases.

  • It helps in curing kidney-related problems.

  • It helps in treating emotional instability.

  • It keeps away negative and evil spells from wandering near the wearer.

  • It defends the wearer from accidents, misfortune, and debts.

  • It reduces the malefic effects of the malefic moon.

  • It helps a person to think rationally and feel secure.

  • It enhances the potential of a person in all spheres of life.

Why should I buy 16 Mukhi Rudraksha from You?

All the discussed topics will help you to know the basic and essential things while wearing Rudraksha on your wrist or neck. Many of you would not be able to differentiate between genuine and fake Rudraksha due to less knowledge about the product. Hence, the only way to make a genuine Rudraksha, bracelet, and mala using pure and genuine Rudraksha is to buy it from a trusted source.

We are a certified and genuine Rudraksha supplier across the globe with in-depth product knowledge. Our expert astrologers not only deliver Rudraksha but also tell which Rudraksha bead will work fast according to your zodiac sign and preferences. Also, an experienced team of astrologers is available to choose the right size and shape for Rudraksha as per your Janam chart. We also design exclusive jewelry using original Rudraksha beads considering your choice. You can take online astrology consultations for more guidance and knowledge about 16 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Shipping Details

We deliver 16 Mukhi Rudraksha all over the world. The average delivery time for 16 Mukhi Rudraksha to India is 5 or 7 days.

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For any query regarding 16 Mukhi Rudraksha call us at 08141566266 (For Shipping in India) or +91 8141566266 (For out of India).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens by wearing 16 Mukhi Rudraksha?

Sixteen Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Mahamatyunjaya Shiva himself. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets prosperity, health, longevity, and peace. This Rudraksha also protects from evil eyes and evil forces.

What are the astrological benefits of 16 Mukhi Rudraksha?

A quality 16 Mukhi Rudraksha rescinds the malefic dominance of the planet Moon and blesses the wearer with sentimental stability, rational thinking, and a sense of security. This 16 Mukhi Rudraksha awakens the probable of the wearer and helps them to extract probably from others as well.

What is the basic mantra of Rudraksha?

Before wearing this mantra ‘Om Kraun Kshaun Raun Namah’ should be chanted. Trayodashmukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is considered to be the symbol of Lord Kartikeya. Before wearing it, a person should chant the mantra ‘Om Hree Namah’. Chaturdashmukhi Rudraksha – This Rudraksha is considered the symbol of Lord Shiva and Hanuman ji.

How to prove Rudraksha?

If you want to prove only one Rudraksh, first bathe it with Panchgavya. After this take a Ganga bath. Later worship it in Shodshopachar, then keep it in a silver box. Put two drops of perfume on it daily or once a month.

How to invite Rudraksha?

After talking to an expert astrologer, Havan should be performed 108 times by chanting the ‘Om Namah Shivay’ mantra 1100 times. After that Rudraksha should be worn facing east or north while chanting the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’ after touching it with Shivling. After wearing it, the idol of Mahadeva should be worshiped by applying a tilak of the ashes of Havan Kund.

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