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Sadhaks make various efforts to please Lord Shankar. Worshiping different forms of Shivling gives achievement in works. According to astrology, the worship of Parad Shivling has been considered very remunerative. Parad is also called Rasraj. Mercury metal is purified and manufactured by Vedic process and experiments. This life itself is established. It is said in the scriptures  ‘ब्रह्महत्या सहस्त्राणि गौहत्यायः सतनि च। तत्क्षणादविलयं यन्ति रसलिंगस्य दर्शनात्। स्पर्शनात्प्रप्यत् मुक्तिरिति सत्यम शिवोदितम।’ That is, the benefit that is obtained from the worship of crores of Shivlings, even more than that, the profit is obtained from the worship and appear of Parad Shivling. By worshiping a Shivling made of mercury, bad things also get finished. According to religious scriptures, Parad Shivling is the form of Lord Shiva itself, therefore worshiping it according to the rules and regulations gives manifold results and fulfills every wish. Parad Shivling in the home is highly auspicious for great fortune, peace, soundness, and safety. Worship of Parad Shivling is a sure way to increase business in shops, office,s and factories. The mere darshan of Shivling is fortunate. There is no need for any consecration for this, but to get the maximum profits from it, worship should be done duly.

Benefits of Parad Shivling

  • It makes the atmosphere of the house pleasant and prosperous.

  • Parad Shivling not only blesses Lord Shiva but also showers the blessings on Goddess Lakshmi.

  • By worshiping it, all kinds of home defects present in the horoscope are eliminated.

  • Parad Shivling opens the door to salvation.

  • It is mentioned in many Puranas including Charak Sahinta that the real Shivling Parad nullifies the effects of tantra-mantra and evil forces.

  • It is very helpful in fighting against high blood pressure and asthma disease as the mercury contained in it has the ability to fight against diseases.

  • Lord Shiva, Mother Lakshmi, and God Kuber are believed to reside in the house where there is mercury.

  • Parad Shivling (Parad Shivling real) does not require Pran Pratishtha.

  • Worshiping this Shivling on Pradosh brings happiness, peace, and good luck in life.

  • Money grains, health, position prestige, happiness, etc. are also obtained from Parad Shivling.

  • The fear of evil effects Navagrahas, and freedom it is also obtained from Parad Shivling.

  • By worshiping Parad Shivling with devotion, even a childless couple gets the jewel of a child.

  • As much virtuous time is obtained by worshiping 12 Jyotirlinga, as much virtuous time is attained by the mere sight of Parad Shivling on Punya Pradosh.

  • Parad Shivling is very virtuous, fruitful, and fortunate.

  • The fear of premature death ends with Parad Shivling.

Why should I buy Parad Shivling from you?

Mercury has been called a chemical element that provides strong energy naturally. This is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva. The Shivling made of mercury has been said to be the best among the Shivlings made of all types of objects and its worship has been said to fulfill all wishes.

The rate of Parad Shivling is decided on the basis of its purity, the more the purity increases, the more its value will increase. Its price varies depending on the price of mercury.

It is impossible for a layman to determine the authenticity of something. Most Parad Shivling has high importance in astrology, so we recommend using it well with our guide which will give you lifetime benefits and a wonderful future for a good life.

We also provide you the certificate of authenticity of all the items being offered on our website independently by expert astrologers. Through online astrology consultation service, it ensures that you get the best and original quality, complete value for your money.

Shipping Details 

We deliver Parad Shivling all over the world. The average delivery time of Parad Shivling to India is 5 or 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parad Shivling?

Mercury is made of a mixture of silver and mercury. By worshiping Parad Shivling, not only will you get the blessings of Lord Shiva, but you will also be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. Along with this, worshiping this Shivling gives peace from different types of planetary defects.

What happens if you keep Parad Shivling at home?

By worshiping a Shivling made of mercury, nasty things also get done. According to religious scriptures, Parad Shivling is the form of Lord Shiva itself, therefore worshiping it according to the rules and regulations gives manifold results and fulfills every wish. Parad Shivling in the house is highly auspicious for great fortune, peace, soundness, and safety.

Which Shivling is good?

Parad Shivling should be kept in the house which is made of silver and mercury. Apart from this, keeping a rhinestone Shivling is considered auspicious. This will be a transparent Shivling. Apart from this, Narmadeshwar Shivling can also be kept.

What are the benefits of Parad Shivling?

Worshiping the Parad Shivling even once in a lifetime can bring better soundness, wealth, prestige, reputation, high position, intellectuality, honor, sons and grandsons, and all the desired pleasures, for which one struggles in life. Such a person attains an unimaginably high designation in life.

Is Parad Shivling good for home?

Siddha Parad Shivalingam (Rasalingam) brings prosperity and wealth to the house. By keeping this Parad Shivling, there will never be any shortage of food, money, or clothes in your house. Parad Shivalingam brings peace and harmony to your home.

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