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Certified Lehsunia/Cats Eye Gemstone

In Vedic astrology, Ketu has been described as a shadow planet, which mostly gives inauspicious effects, but if you want to get auspicious effects from this inauspicious planet, then Lehsunia/Cats Eye stone can help you in this work. Lehsunia/Cats Eye is the gem of Ketu. This gem is very shiny. Due to its special texture, it is known as ‘Cat’s Eye’ in English. According to astrologers, when Ketu present in the birth chart becomes a cause of trouble for you, then wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye stone is considered auspicious. Wearing these stones gives you peace of mind along with getting rid of all kinds of problems. Know the benefits of wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye stones.

Benefits of wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye stone

  • If there is a continuous loss in the business or if bad things are not being done, then wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye gives a lot of benefits.

  • Lehsunia/Cats Eye is nothing less than a boon for those trying their luck in the stock market. For those who do risky work or invest in risky areas, their luck can shine with Lehsunia/Cats Eye.

  • If a person is suffering from one or the other disease, make a Lehsunia/Cats Eye ring in a silver ring and wear it on the middle finger. This reduces the disease.

  • By wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye, a person gets rid of worldly attachment and starts walking on the path of spirituality and religion.

  • If a person is suffering from evil spirits and any kind of fear, then wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye gives freedom from all these.

  • If Ketu is afflicted in the Kundali, then the person’s life is filled with struggle. Lahsuniya Gemstone helps in making this struggle and challenging life easier.

  • If your mind does not remain calm and stress has surrounded you, then wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye keeps the mind calm and keeps the stress away. With its effect, the memory power becomes sharp.

  • If you are very quick-sighted, then wear Lehsunia/Cats Eye in a silver locket. By doing this, the impact of the evil eye ends.

  • By wearing the Cat’s Eye gemstone, a person moves towards spirituality. His interest is increasing in religious and spiritual works.

  • This gemstone of Ketu can also be worn to strengthen the economic condition.

  • This miraculous gem also protects from road accidents, fear of enemies, debt, poverty, etc.

Why Should I buy Lehsunia/Cats Eye stone from You?

Lehsunia/Cats Eye gemstone is believed to bring wealth condition and prosperity in life. It helps to recover lost money or revive a shelved business. It protects you from the evil effects of Ketu. It protects you from the evil eye and protects you from upcoming accidents. The original Cat’s Eye stone can help clear mental imbalances and provide relief from stress and anxiety.

As we know that Lehsunia/Cats Eye is a very powerful gemstone, which can provide an immense amount of protection and power. But if you wear it without any guidance then it will not be favorable, one should learn and know how to use it and when to wear it. Others are, the stone will not be able to protect you.

Let our team guide you in this journey of choosing the right gemstone so that the best gemstone is selected for you, and our astrologers give proper guidance for your benefit. We provide quality stone that brings a shield-safe future in the life of you and your loved ones. You can take online astrology consultations for more guidance and knowledge about Lehsunia gemstones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the Lehsunia/Cats Eye stone?

According to Vastu Shastra, wearing gems not only brings positivity but also brings happiness and prosperity to the house. Also, all the defects of the particular planet are removed. According to Pandit Indramani Ghansyal, if there is a Dasha of Ketu in the horoscope, then wearing a Lehsunia stone is auspicious.

On which finger should the Lehsunia/Cats Eye stone be worn?

According to Ratna Shastra, Lehsunia/Cats Eye can be worn in a silver ring or locket on Saturday. Garlic should always be worn on the middle finger.

What is Lehsunia/Cats Eye?

Lehsunia/Cats Eye is the gem of the planet Ketu. It is also known as Vaidurya, Vaidurya Mani, or Cat’s Eye. In the inauspicious state of Ketu in the Birth chart, its gem Lehsunia/Cats Eye is worn. Ketu is a planet with amount and fire elements.

How much to wear Lehsunia/Cats Eye?

The most suitable weight for wearing Lehsunia/Cats Eye is considered to be at least five Ratti, and it is considered best to wear it in five metals or eight metals.

How many types of Lehsunia/Cats Eye are there?

Lehsunia/Cats Eye is the gem of Ketu. This gem is very shiny. It has its own special texture, due to which it is called ‘Cat’s Eye’ in English. It is found in four colors white, black, yellow, and green.

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